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ICNAAM 2005. International conference on numerical analysis and applied mathematics 2005. Official conference of the European Society of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering (ESCMSE), Rhodes, Greek, September 16–20, 2005. (English) Zbl 1074.65001
Weinheim: Wiley-VCH (ISBN 3-527-40652-2/hbk). xiv, 962 p. (2005).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1056.65002).
Indexed articles:
Anastassiou, George A., Basic convergence with rates of smooth Picard singular integral operators, 7-10 [Zbl 1088.45505]
Cools, Ronald; Nuyens, Dirk, Structured matrices as a blueprint for integration lattices, 12-15 [Zbl 1088.65521]
Freund, Roland W., Krylov subspace-based reduced-order modeling of large-scale systems of integro-DAEs, 16-19 [Zbl 1088.65594]
Gürlebeck, K., Characterization of monogenic Dirichlet spaces, 20-24 [Zbl 1092.30058]
Iavernaro, Felice; Mazzia, Francesca; Trigiante, Donato, Stability and conditioning in numerical analysis, 25-28 [Zbl 1088.65567]
Kunoth, Angela, Adaptive methods for stationary variational problems from a wavelet perspective, 29-30 [Zbl 1088.65548]
Vanden Berghe, G.; Van Daele, M., Exponentially-fitted geometric numerical integration, 31-34 [Zbl 1088.65557]
Abellanas, Manuel; Bajuelos, Antonio; Hernández, Gregorio; Matos, Inês, Good illumination with limited visibility, 35-38 [Zbl 1084.78516]
Akdoğan, Z.; Demirci, M.; Mukhtarov, O. Sh., Green function of discontinuous boundary value problem with transmission conditions, 39-43 [Zbl 1087.65572]
Akhmet, M. U.; Bekmukhambetova, G. A.; Serinağaoğlu, Y., Regular and irregular discontinuous dynamics of the systemic arterial pressure, 44-46 [Zbl 1081.92011]
Al-Assadi, Salem A. K., Numerical computation method for disturbance rejection in linear time-variant multivariable systems, 47-49 [Zbl 1261.93047]
Amirteimoori, Alireza, Prioritization method for frontier DMUs: a distance-based approach, 50-53 [Zbl 1089.90506]
Angulo, Oscar; López-Marcos, Juan Carlos, Numeridal schemes for a sized-structured cell population model, 54-57 [Zbl 1081.92032]
Asady, B.; Tavassoli Kajani, M., Dual fuzzy linear systems, 58-62 [Zbl 1087.15502]
Bokhari, M. A., Hermite interpolating \(L_2\)-approximants: Computational aspects, 63-66 [Zbl 1088.65502]
Bonfoh, A. S., Error analysis of a Cahn-Hilliard system with elasticity, 67-70 [Zbl 1090.65107]
Bordbar, M. H.; Tanskanen, V.; Zamankhan, P., Structural ordering in a bounded dense shear flow of viscoelastic spherical particles, 71-75 [Zbl 1261.74009]
Bors, Dorota; Jakszto, Marian; Walczak, Stanislaw, On approximate solution of equations with nonsingular roots, 76-78 [Zbl 1088.65536]
Borsuk, Mikhail, Sharp estimates of solutions to the Robin boundary value problem for elliptic non divergence second order equations in a neighborhood of the conical point, 79-85 [Zbl 1261.35062]
Bourchtein, A., Semi-Lagrangian scale selective finite-difference scheme, 86-89 [Zbl 1088.65575]
Bożejko, W.; Wodecki, M., Paralell evolution heuristic approach for the traveling salesman problem, 90-93 [Zbl 1088.65539]
Bradji, Abdallah, Improved convergence order of finite volume solutions and application in finite elements methods, 94-98 [Zbl 1089.65503]
Brasil, A. P. jun.; Carneiro de Araujo, J. H.; Ruas, V., Piecewise linear finite element approximation of a generalized Stokes system related to viscoelastic flow, 99-102 [Zbl 1088.76546]
Bratsos, A. G.; Famelis, I. Th.; Belibassakis, K. A., An implicit numerical method for a shallow water equation in 2+1 dimensions, 103-106 [Zbl 1155.76371]
Bucchignani, Edoardo, An inexact Newton-Krylov method for an implicit Euler flow solver, 107-110 [Zbl 1155.76372]
Caballero, J.; López, B.; Rocha, Juan; Sadarangani, K., A general integral equation under the Banach, Schauder and Darbo’s fixed point theorems, 111-113 [Zbl 1088.45501]
Callebaut, D. K.; Karugila, G. K., Two-dimensional generalization of the Euler-Mascheroni constant, 114-118 [Zbl 1155.11364]
Calvo-Jurado, Carmen; Casado-Díaz, Juan; Laynez, Manuel Luna, Asymptotic behavior of linear Dirichlet problems with varying boundary conditions, 119-121 [Zbl 1155.35321]
Castillo, Jose E.; Yasuda, Mark, On the solvability of the Castillo-Grone mimetic discretization, 122-125 [Zbl 1087.65529]
Chaves, E. W. V., Bifurcation analysis in constitutive laws, 126-129 [Zbl 1090.37563]
Chen, Chin-Yun, Triply-adaptive numerical quadrature, 130-132 [Zbl 1088.65520]
Constales, D.; de Almeida, R.; Kraußhar, R. S., Asymptotic growth analysis of some PDE related to higher dimensional Dirac type equations. I., 133-136 [Zbl 1088.35053]
Crofts, Jonathan J.; Davidchack, Ruslan L., Efficient detection of periodic orbits in high dimensional systems, 137-140 [Zbl 1088.65592]
Cvetković, Lj.; Kostić, V.; Šolak, Dj., How to improve upper bound for the Perron root, 141-143 [Zbl 1087.15516]
Danchick, Roy; Juncosa, Mario L., Maximum polynomial degree Nordsieck-Gear \((k,p)\) methods: Existence, stability, consistency, error estimation, refinement, convergence and computational examples, 144-147 [Zbl 1087.65569]
Diele, Fasma; Marangi, Carmela; Ragni, Stefania, Numerical solution of infinite-horizon optimal control problems based on quadrature and Runge-Kutta methods, 148-151 [Zbl 1088.65547]
Dłużewski, Pawel, Mathematical foundations of anisotropic hyperelastic finite elements based on nonlinear strain-stress response, 152-155 [Zbl 1155.74302]
Dmytryshyn, Roman, The two-dimensional \(g\)-fraction with nonequivalent variables for double power series, 156-159 [Zbl 1155.40302]
Dong, Q.; Teyuka, A.; Himeno, K.; Matsui, K., Identification of material properties for pavement structures in time domain, 160-163 [Zbl 1155.74392]
El Daou, M. K.; AlKandari, A., Error enclosure for coefficients perturbation methods applied to boundary value problems, 164-167 [Zbl 1088.65574]
Faghihi, F., Numerical solutions of coupled differential equations and initial values using softwares; an applied program, 168-174 [Zbl 1088.65553]
Famelis, I. Th.; Bratsos, A. G., On the solution of the cubic nonlinear Schrödinger equation, 175-178 [Zbl 1088.65580]
Farloul, M.; Zine, A., A posteriori error estimates for a mixed finite element approximation of non-Newtonian fluid flow problems, 179-182 [Zbl 1155.76355]
Farzipoor Saen, Reza, Harmonizing scores growth among multiple criteria of excellence model of EFQM by goal programming technique, 183-185 [Zbl 1137.91543]
Felcman, J.; Findejs, K., Higher-order finite volume method for multidimensional compressible flow, 186-189 [Zbl 1137.76469]
Ferronato, Massimiliano; Mazzia, Annamaria; Pini, Giorgio; Gambolati, Giuseppe, Meshless local Petrov-Galerkin method and standard unstructured finite elements for the solution of 2-de elastic problems, 190-193 [Zbl 1137.74436]
Fladrich, Uwe; Brunst, Holger; Stiller, Jörg, Analyzing the memory access pattern of a spectral element method implementation, 194-197 [Zbl 1088.65581]
Ortegón Gallego, Francisco, The hydrostatic approximation with an arbitrary seabottom, 198-201 [Zbl 1088.35046]
Ghadi, Fattehallah; Ruas, V.; Wakrim, Mohamed, Finite element solution of a generalized Stokes system in stream function-vorticity formulation, 202-204 [Zbl 1087.65591]
Golet, Ioan, On probabilistic 2-normed spaces. Applications to random signals, 205-208 [Zbl 1085.54021]
Gonzáles, G.; Aguilar, J., Genetic programming and randomized algorithms for estimation of singulars values of large matrices, 209-213 [Zbl 1088.65531]
González Montesinos, María Teres; Ortegón Gallego, Francisco, An existence result for a nonlinear parabolic-elliptic problem, 214-217 [Zbl 1090.35008]
Hadjifotinou, K. G.; Gousidou-Koutita, M., The recurrent power series method as integrator of resonant satellite systems, 218-221 [Zbl 1088.65554]
Hannukainen, A.; Korotov, S., On two-sided a posteriori estimates of computational errors for linear elliptic type boundary value problems, 222-225 [Zbl 1088.65583]
Hari, Vjeran, Butterfly matrices and the modulus Kogbetliantz method, 226-229 [Zbl 1087.65548]
Hari, Vjeran; Singer, Sanja; Singer, Saša, Efficient eigenvalue computation by block modification of the indefinite one-sided Jacobi algorithm, 230-233 [Zbl 1088.65530]
Hashemiparast, S. M.; Masjed-Jamei, M.; Eslahchi, M. R., Numerical solution of linear integral equations using modified Gauss-Legendre quadrature rules, 234-239 [Zbl 1088.65595]
Heydari, M. M.; Farhanieh, B., Bed depth estimation in rotary kiln by inverse problem, 240-243 [Zbl 1155.74417]
Hoteit, I.; Korres, G.; Triantafyllou, G., Joint state-parameter estimation in highly dimensional systems, 244-248 [Zbl 1261.93081]
Hoteit, I.; Triantafyllou, G.; Korres, G., Treating the model error in a low-rank ensemble Kalman filter, 249-253 [Zbl 1261.93082]
Iavernaro, Felice; Trigiante, Donato, On some conservation properties of the trapezoidal method applied to Hamiltonian systems, 254-257 [Zbl 1088.65588]
Iliadis, L.; Maris, F.; Spartalis, S.; Tsataltzinos, T., An innovative fuzzy additive algebraic model incorporated by a DSS for risk estimation (the case of Evros torrential risk), 258-263 [Zbl 1205.91083]
Ismagilov, Timur, On calculation of surface elements and volumes, 264-267 [Zbl 1088.65584]
Ismagilov, Timur, On calculation of gradients, 268-271 [Zbl 1088.65519]
Ismail, G. A. F.; Ibrahim, I. H.; Yousry, F. M., Stability analysis of special class for solving delay differential equations, 272-273 [Zbl 1088.65568]
Ismail, G. A. F.; Ibrahim, I. H.; Yousry, F. M., Special implicit-explicit class for solving ODEs and DDEs, 274-276 [Zbl 1088.65564]
Ismail, G. A. F.; Elfeshawey, A. S., A class of three implicit \(P_C\) block for solving stiff systems, 277-279 [Zbl 1088.65563]
Itoh, Taku; Nakata, Susumu; Kitagawa, Takashi, An efficient method for implicit surface reconstruction with attributes, 280-283 [Zbl 1088.65508]
Jankowski, Tadeusz, Relaxation methods for first order differential equations, 284-286 [Zbl 1088.65555]
Jesudason, Christopher G., Equilibrium properties of a hysteresis dimer molecule from MD simulations using two-body potentials, 287-290 [Zbl 1322.82006]
Jiménez-Casas, A.; Castro, M., Slow motion for a phase-field model, 291-294 [Zbl 1330.35331]
Kalogiratou, Z.; Monovasilis, Th.; Simos, T. E., Symplectic and exponentially fitted symplectic methods of second and third order, 295-297 [Zbl 1088.65589]
Callebaut, D. K.; Khater, A. H., Stability of universe using Poisson equation with bilinear cosmological term, 298-302 [Zbl 1086.83508]
Kumar Khattri, Sanjay, Alternative to the Laplacian smoothing, 303-308 [Zbl 1088.65512]
Kumar Khattri, Sanjay, Hexahedral mesh by area functional, 309-313 [Zbl 1088.65513]
Kumar Khattri, Sanjay; Fladmark, Gunnar, Functional grid generation and adaption, 314-319 [Zbl 1087.65614]
Kontorovich, Valeri, A statistical analysis applied to strange attractors, 320-323 [Zbl 1172.37314]
Abe, Kuniyoshi; Zhang, Shao-Liang, A numerical study for effects of inner solvers in variable preconditioned GCR method, 324-327 [Zbl 1088.65527]
Lacey, S. M.; Benilov, E. S.; O’Brien, S. B. G., Explosive instabilities for a three-dimensional liquid film inside a horizontal rotating cylinder, 328-330 [Zbl 1082.76043]
Laister, R.; Peplow, A. T.; Beardmore, R. E., Travelling waves in continuum models of nonlinear lattices: a DAE approach, 331-334 [Zbl 1096.34502]
Lassoued, R.; Guenfoud, M., An accurate computational procedure for calculating natural frequencies of beams and plates, 335-339 [Zbl 1172.74321]
Leem, K. H.; Pelekanos, G., Algebraic multigrid preconditioner for solving integral equations in electromagnetics, 340-343 [Zbl 1088.65534]
Lotfi, Abdelhakim, Optimal die design in extrusion process, 344-348 [Zbl 1088.65549]
Louzoun, Yoram; Shnerb, Nadav M.; Solomon, Sorin, Microscopic noise and survival in hostile environments, 349-353 [Zbl 1172.35424]
Lubuma, Jean M.-S.; Patidar, Kailash C., Non-standard finite difference method for singularly perturbed advection reaction equation, 354-356 [Zbl 1088.65578]
Maes, Jan; Bultheel, Adhemar, Easy construction of nonuniform biorthogonal spline wavelets with compact support, 357-360 [Zbl 1088.65550]
Mafalda Martins, Ana; Bajuelos, Antonio, Some properties of FAT and THIN grid \(n\)-ogons, 361-365 [Zbl 1085.52503]
Mamaloukas, Ch.; Spartalis, S., An exact solution of a viscous incompressible electrically conducting fluid over an elastic-stretching sheet, 366-368 [Zbl 1090.35502]
Manzano Lizcano, J. A.; Sánchez Ávila, C., A microcalcification detection system for digital mammography using the contourlet transform and SVM, 373-377 [Zbl 1088.65597]
Monovasilis, Th.; Kalogiratou, Z.; Simos, T. E., Symplectic and exponentially fitted symplectic methods for the numerical integration of orbital problems, 378-381 [Zbl 1088.65590]
Morača, N.; Cvetković, Lj., Algorithm for checking S-SDD matrices, 382-384 [Zbl 1087.15505]
Naidoo, R.; Baboolal, S., Numerical integration of the plasma fluid equations with a modification of the third order SD3 Kurganov-Levy scheme, 385-389 [Zbl 1087.65589]
Nakamori, S.; Caballero, R.; Hermoso, A.; Jimenéz, J.; Linares, J., Polynomial estimation of signals from non-independent uncertain observations using covariance information, 390-393 [Zbl 1083.62078]
Nakamori, S.; Hermoso-Carazo, A.; Linares-Pérez, J., Smoothing problems for signal estimation with correlated signal and noise using randomly delayed observations, 394-397 [Zbl 1082.62080]
Nakamori, S.; Caballero, R.; Hermoso, A.; Jiménez, J.; Linares, J., Recursive filtering algorithm based on covariances for uncertainly observed signals correlated with the observation noise, 398-401 [Zbl 1083.62100]
Nappi, A., A Kalman filter approach to assess damage in concrete dams, 402-405 [Zbl 1172.74303]
Mahdavi-Amiri, N.; Nasseri, S. H., A new method for solving fuzzy variable linear programming problems, 406-412 [Zbl 1172.90441]
Navidi, Arash, Modification of Aitken’s \(\Delta ^2\) formula that results in a powerful convergence accelerator, 413-418 [Zbl 1088.65500]
Nie, Y. Y.; Yang, Z. J., Error analysis of a numerical determination for matrix stability. (Extended abstract), 419-422 [Zbl 1081.93523]
Dehayem Nodem, F. I.; Kenne, J. P.; Gharbi, A., Capacity expansion, production and maintenance planning in stochastic manufacturing systems, 423-427 [Zbl 1089.90017]
Ogata, Hidenori, Fundamental solution method for periodic plane elasticity, 428-431 [Zbl 1082.74006]
Pascual, R.; Barrientos, G.; Meruane, V., Transient response analysis of large cable-reinforced conveyor belts, 432-435 [Zbl 1172.74323]
Petihakis, G.; Triantafyllou, G., Analysis of fishing effort scenarios on marine pelagic dynamics: preliminary results, 436-442 [Zbl 1090.35560]
Pivonka, P.; Smith, D.; Gardiner, B., Upscaling of the Poisson-Nernst-Planck equations using the volume averaging method, 443-446 [Zbl 1172.76341]
Prentice, J. S. C., Incorporation of the first derivative of the objective function into the linear training of a radial basis function neural network for approximation via strict interpolation, 447-451 [Zbl 1088.65545]
Ragni, Stefania; Chu, Moody T.; Diele, Fasma; Marangi, Carmela, Estimating the consumption matrix in the Leontief model, 452-455 [Zbl 1127.91369]
Reverter, F.; Calvo, Miquel; Oller, J. M., Numerical computation of the Rao distance between multivariate normal distribution, 460-463 [Zbl 1088.65501]
Rupp, Matthias; Mergenthaler, Wolfgang; Mauersberg, Bernhard; Feller, Jens, Markov mills, reliable rolls and Monte-Carlo mines: minimizing the operating costs of grinding mills, 464-467 [Zbl 1172.90436]
Rządkowski, Grzegorz; Waśko, Anna; Łepkowski, Sławomir, On a generalization of the trapezoid method, 468-472 [Zbl 1088.65523]
Safouhi, Hassan; Bouferguene, Ahmed, Analytical and numerical treatment of spherical Bessel integrals and application, 473-476 [Zbl 1087.65526]
Sakas, D. P.; Simos, T. E., A P-stable six-step exponentially-fitted method for the numerical solution of the Schrödinger equation and related problems, 477-480 [Zbl 1088.65569]
Santos, Felix C. G.; Barbosa, José M. A.; de Brito, Eduardo R. jun., Simulation of the damage evolution problem in elastic-viscoplastic bars employing the generic interface graph (GIG), 481-484 [Zbl 1172.74315]
Sargolzaei, Parviz, Some splitting for a square matrix \(A\) and convergence iterative methods, 485-488 [Zbl 1088.65528]
Sefi, Sandy; Bergholm, Fredrik, Modeling and extrapolating high-frequency electromagnetic currents on conducting obstacles, 489-493 [Zbl 1090.78521]
Singer, Saša, A numerical model of cooling in gas-quenching systems, 494-497 [Zbl 1084.80502]
Singh, A. K.; Herty, M.; Klar, A., Applied optimization of vehicular traffic flow using smoothing and penalization, 498-501 [Zbl 1172.90354]
Stevens, S. A.; Lakin, W. D.; Penar, P. L., Modeling steady-state intracranial pressures in microgravity, 502-505 [Zbl 1172.76388]
Stylios, G. K.; Han, F.; Wan, T. Y., Reconstruction and virtual cloning of a human head, 506-509 [Zbl 1087.68675]
Tadano, Hiroto; Sakurai, Tetsuya, A stabilization of the CGS method by avoiding near-breakdown, 510-513 [Zbl 1088.65529]
Tadjouddine, M.; Forth, S. A.; Qin, N., Automatic differentiation of a time-dependent CFD solver for optimisation of a synthetic jet, 514-517 [Zbl 1082.76589]
Takači, Arpad; Takači, Djurdjica, On the approximate solution of mathematical model of a viscoelastic bar, 518-520 [Zbl 1090.74612]
Takači, Djurdjica, On the equation of oscillation of viscoelastic bar, 521-522 [Zbl 1198.74043]
Tan, Jieqing; Su, Benyue, A class of generalized trigonometric polynomial curves with a shape parameter, 523-526 [Zbl 1088.65510]
Tavassoli Kajani, M.; Asady, B., Numerical solution of system of linear integro-differential equations by using Legendre wavelets, 527-531 [Zbl 1088.65596]
Tirani, Romeo, On the minimization of the defect in continuous Runge-Kutta methods, 532-535 [Zbl 1088.65565]
Tosi, Giovanni; Wang, Simon S., Limit cycles in Liénard equations, 536-543 [Zbl 1095.34020]
Touihri, R.; Soulaimani, A.; Plunian, F., A stabilized finite element formulation applied to the kinematic Ponomarenko dynamo problem in cylindrical geometry, 544-547 [Zbl 1084.78008]
Alizadeh, Mohammad Hossein, On the covariance of generalized inverses, 548-551 [Zbl 1099.46509]
Trillo, J. C.; Amat, S.; Busquier, S., Stable biorthogonal multiresolution in 3D, 552-555 [Zbl 1088.94507]
Trobec, Roman; Šterk, Marjan; AlMawed, Said; Veselko Matjaž, Computer simulation of human knee cooling, 556-560 [Zbl 1081.92025]
Tsitouras, Ch.; Massouros, Ch. G.; Lambiris, M., A Mathematica package enumerating hypergroups of order 3., 561-564 [Zbl 1084.20045]
van de Vyver, H., Exponential fitting and P-stability, 566-569 [Zbl 1087.65581]
Vijesh, V. Antony; Subrahmanyam, P. V., A note on a quasi-Newton method, 570-572 [Zbl 1087.65564]
Vlachos, D. S., Monte-Carlo calculation of NaI spatial activity, 573-576 [Zbl 1083.92048]
Vlachos, D. S.; Simos, T. E., Equivalent circuit approach to interdigital dielectrometry, 577-579 [Zbl 1090.78526]
Vlachos, D. S.; Simos, T. E., Stability improvement of linear multistep methods, 580-583 [Zbl 1088.65570]
Wang, K. F.; Li, W., Wavelet neural network and its application to the textile spinning, 584-587 [Zbl 1137.91511]
Wang, Xing Tao, Numerical approach for optimal control of time delay systems via hybrid functions, 588-592 [Zbl 1088.65551]
Wu, Y.; Kumar, A., Interval subdivision strategies for constrained optimization, 593-596 [Zbl 1088.65546]
Yang, Zhihui; Yang, Guiyuan, Global existence and exponential stability of periodic solutions for recurrent neural networks with functional delays, 597-600 [Zbl 1095.34546]
Yang, Zhihui, Periodic solutions of neutral differential models with state-dependent delay and feedback control, 601-605 [Zbl 1098.34566]
Zeng, Y. C.; Guo, H. F.; Yu, C. W., Fibre/air two-phase flow model: Lagrangian and Eulerian approaches, 606-609 [Zbl 1172.76381]
Ciarlini, P.; Lo Cascio, M. L., Stationary wavelet decomposition in image restoration: some experimental results, 612-614 [Zbl 1090.94501]
Costantini, Paolo, Generalized tension properties on triangular domains, 615-618 [Zbl 1086.41016]
Fornasier, Massimo; Gori, Laura, On elementary sampling theorems on bounded domains, 619-623 [Zbl 1084.94012]
Gori, Laura; Pellegrino, E.; Santi, Elisabetta, On certain integral refinable operators, 624-627 [Zbl 1087.41017]
Lopez Jaquez, Francisco Javier; Noriega Morales, Salvador, Generating 3D digital objects from 2D bitmap files, 628-630 [Zbl 1085.68730]
Lamberti, Paola, Cubature formulas based on bivariate quadratic spline quasi-interpolants, 631-634 [Zbl 1088.65522]
Rossini, Milvia, Detecting discontinuities in two-dimensional sampled signals by polyharmonic pre-wavelets, 635-638 [Zbl 1088.65507]
Cash, J. R., Numerical methods for the solution of two-point boundary value problems, 639-640 [Zbl 1172.65366]
Cash, J. R.; Moore, D. R., MIRK formulae for \(2^nd\) order two-point boundary value problems, 642-645 [Zbl 1088.65562]
Capper, S. D.; Moore, D. R., An order 10 MIRK scheme with Hermite-Birkhoff interpolant, 646-649 [Zbl 1088.65561]
Mazzia, Francesca; Sestini, Alessandra; Trigiante, Donato, Smooth spline collocation for BVPs, 650-653 [Zbl 1088.65573]
Cash, Jeff R.; Mazzia, Francesca; Trigiante, Donato, Hybrid mesh selection algorithms, based on conditioning, for two-point boundary value codes, 654-657 [Zbl 1088.65571]
Amodio, Pierluigi; Gladwell, Ian; Romanazzi, Giuseppe, On the solution of general bordered ABD linear systems, 658-661 [Zbl 1088.65524]
Backeljauw, Franky; Becuwe, Stefan; Cuyt, Annie, Continued fractions for special functions in maple, 664-667 [Zbl 1085.30004]
van Deun, Joris; Cools, Ronald, Integrating products of Bessel functions using the incomplete gamma function, 668-671 [Zbl 1085.33004]
Deaño, Alfredo; Segura, Javier, On the stability of recurrence relations for hypergeometric functions, 672-675 [Zbl 1086.33007]
Loureiro, Ana F.; Maroni, P.; da Rocha, Z., A differential equation of even order fulfilled by the classical polynomials, 676-680 [Zbl 1097.33005]
Gil, Amparo; Segura, Javier; Temme, Nico M., Computing the real parabolic cylinder functions, 681-682 [Zbl 1088.65516]
Laurie, Dirk, On the evaluation of the gamma function, 683-685 [Zbl 1085.33002]
Cuyt, Annie; Petersen, Vigdis; Verdonk, Brigitte; Waadeland, Haakon, How much can a continued fraction tail estimate influence its evaluation, 686-688 [Zbl 1085.30005]
Salazar Celis, O.; Cuyt, A.; Lenin, R. B.; Verdonk, B., Univariate rational interpolation in practical applications, 689-692 [Zbl 1088.65503]
Gil, Amparo; Segura, Javier, On numerical algorithms for real functions of confluent hypergeometric type, 693-695 [Zbl 1088.65515]
Temme, Nico M., Numerical aspects of special functions, 696-698 [Zbl 1087.65527]
Cuyt, Annie; Petersen, Vigdis; Verdonk, Brigitte; Waadeland, Haakon, On the impact of a continued fraction tail estimate on its truncation error bounds, 699-701 [Zbl 1085.30006]
Weideman, J. A. C., Computing special functions via inverse Laplace transforms, 702-704 [Zbl 1088.65517]
Abdülbaki Baykara, N.; Demiralp, Metin, Two matrix factor approximant optimization via a flexibility function to \(_p F_p\) type generalized hypergeometric functions, 707-710 [Zbl 1088.65514]
Demiralp, Metin, A fluctuation expansion method for the evaluation of a function’s expectation value, 711-714 [Zbl 1086.81513]
Kaya, Hüseyn; Demiralp, Metin, A new order reduction method for particle simulations, 715-718 [Zbl 1084.70002]
Kaman, Tülin; Demiralp, Metin, Factorization of evolution matrix as an approximation scheme in the solution of optimal control problem for one dimensional harmonic oscillator via time-variant weight functions, 719-722 [Zbl 1172.49300]
Engin Kanal, M.; Üsküplü, Sevda; Demiralp, Metin, Precision increased truncated derivative formulae in terms of forward and backward difference operators, 723-729 [Zbl 1088.65518]
Kurşunlu, Ayşegül; Demiralp, Metin, Weight optimization in segmented high dimensional model representation for the partitioning of uniform data, 727-730 [Zbl 1088.65506]
Meral, Esma; Demiralp, Metin, An optimized two factor perturbation based exponential matrix factorization approach to the control equations of quantum multiharmonic oscillator with linear dipole function and linear control agents. (Extended abstract), 731-734 [Zbl 1081.93512]
Taşkın, Gülşen; Demiralp, Metin, Random data partitioning via generalized high dimensional model representation for digital elevation models by using cubic spline interpolation, 735-738 [Zbl 1172.62300]
Üsküplü, Sevda; Engin Kanal, M.; Demiralp, Metin, Extension of a finite regular data given to determine a univariate function by using forward and backward differences, 739-742 [Zbl 1088.65504]
Yaman, İrem; Demiralp, Metin, Function value determination via asymmetric interpolation from a finite regular data set, 743-746 [Zbl 1088.65505]
Chacko, Sibi; Nair, K. Prabhakaran, Dynamic analysis of compliant robotic manipulator using finite element method, 748-752 [Zbl 1216.70004]
Abhilash, E.; Krishna, Prasad; Joseph, M. A., Modelling and simulation of solidification microstructures in permanent mould casting of \(AI-12\%\)Si alloys, 753-756 [Zbl 1216.74014]
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