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Algebraic topology. A student’s guide. (English) Zbl 0234.55002
London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series. 4. London: Cambridge University Press. VI,300 p. £3.00 (1972).

55-01 Introductory exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.) pertaining to algebraic topology
55T05 General theory of spectral sequences in algebraic topology
55S35 Obstruction theory in algebraic topology
55S10 Steenrod algebra
55Q05 Homotopy groups, general; sets of homotopy classes
55N20 Generalized (extraordinary) homology and cohomology theories in algebraic topology
55N22 Bordism and cobordism theories and formal group laws in algebraic topology
55U10 Simplicial sets and complexes in algebraic topology
55R10 Fiber bundles in algebraic topology
55Pxx Homotopy theory