On holomorphy versus linearity in classifying locally convex spaces. (English) Zbl 0399.46034

Infin. Dim. Holom. Appl., Proc. int. Symp., Univ. Estadual de Campinas/Brasil 1975, 31-74 (1977).


46G20 Infinite-dimensional holomorphy
46A03 General theory of locally convex spaces
46E10 Topological linear spaces of continuous, differentiable or analytic functions
46A04 Locally convex Fréchet spaces and (DF)-spaces
46A08 Barrelled spaces, bornological spaces
46A13 Spaces defined by inductive or projective limits (LB, LF, etc.)
46A11 Spaces determined by compactness or summability properties (nuclear spaces, Schwartz spaces, Montel spaces, etc.)


Zbl 0356.00006