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Journees de géométrie algébrique de Rennes (Juillet 1978). Groupes formels, représentations galoisiennes et cohomologie des variétés de caractéristique positive. I. (French) Zbl 0404.00008
Astérisque. 63. Paris: Societe mathematique de France. 178 p. (1979).

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Indexed articles:
Barsotti, I., Theta functions in positive characteristic, 5-16 [Zbl 0423.14026]
Berthelot, Pierre; Messing, William, Théorie de Dieudonne cristalline. I, 17-38 [Zbl 0414.14014]
Breen, Lawrence, Rapport sur la théorie de Dieudonne, 39-66 [Zbl 0418.14025]
Ditters, Bert, On the classification of smooth commutative formal groups. Higher Hasse- Witt matrices of an Abelian variety in positive characteristic, 67-72 [Zbl 0426.14021]
Hazewinkel, Michiel, On formal groups. The functional equation lemma and some of its applications, 73-82 [Zbl 0423.14028]
Illusie, Luc, de Rham-Witt complex, 83-112 [Zbl 0446.14008]
Katz, Nicholas M., Slope filtration of F-crystals, 113-164 [Zbl 0426.14007]
Lubin, Jonathan, Canonicity of a cyclic subgroup of an elliptic curve, 165-168 [Zbl 0426.14020]
Morava, Jack, The Weil group as automorphisms of the Lubin-Tate group, 169-178 [Zbl 0452.12004]
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