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An introduction to the theory of numbers. 5th ed. (English) Zbl 0423.10001
Oxford etc.: Oxford at the Clarendon Press. xvi, 426 p. hbk: £17.50; pbk: £8.00 (1979).
From the preface: The main changes in this edition are in the notion at the end of each chapter. I have sought to provide up-to-date reference for the reader who whishes to pursue a particular topic further and to present, both in the notes and in the text, a reasonably accurate account of the present state of knowledge. …There is a new, more transparent proof of Theorem 445 [on uniform distribution modulo of \((n\vartheta)\) – the reviewer] and an account of my changed opinion about Theodorus’ method in irrationals. To facilitate the use of this edition for references purposes, I have, so far as possible, kept the page numbers unchanged. For this reason, I have added a short appendix on recent progress in some aspects of the theory of prime numbers, rather than insert the material in the appropriate places in the text.
For the review of the 4th ed. see Zbl 0086.25803.

11-01 Introductory exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.) pertaining to number theory
11Axx Elementary number theory
11Mxx Zeta and \(L\)-functions: analytic theory
11Nxx Multiplicative number theory