A course in universal algebra. (English) Zbl 0478.08001

Graduate Texts in Mathematics, Vol. 78. New York - Heidelberg Berlin: Springer-Verlag. XVI, 276 p. DM 72.00; $ 33.60 (1981).


08-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles) pertaining to general algebraic systems
06Exx Boolean algebras (Boolean rings)
08Bxx Varieties
08A05 Structure theory of algebraic structures
08A35 Automorphisms and endomorphisms of algebraic structures
08B05 Equational logic, Mal’tsev conditions
08B10 Congruence modularity, congruence distributivity
08B20 Free algebras
08B25 Products, amalgamated products, and other kinds of limits and colimits
08C10 Axiomatic model classes
06B10 Lattice ideals, congruence relations
06B23 Complete lattices, completions
06E15 Stone spaces (Boolean spaces) and related structures