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Analytic solutions of partial differential equations. Meeting held in Trento, Italy, March 2-7, 1981. (English) Zbl 0481.00013
Astérisque, 89-90. Paris: Societe Mathematique de France. 262 p. (1981).

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Indexed articles:
Abramczuk, W., A remark on ellipticity of systems of linear partial differential equations with constant coefficients [Zbl 0532.35008]
Kaneko, A., On continuation of real analytic solutions of linear partial differential equations, 11-44 [Zbl 0518.35007]
Schapira, P., Une introduction à l’étude des systèmes d’équations microdifferentielles, 45-83 [Zbl 0512.58032]
Tartakoff, D. S., Elementary proofs of analytic hypoellipticity for a wave operator and the (partial d)–Neumann problem, 85-116 [Zbl 0497.35023]
Cattabriga, L., Solutions in Gevrey spaces of partial differential equations with constant coefficients, 129-151 [Zbl 0496.35018]
De Giorgi, E., Limits of functionals and differential operators, 153-161 [Zbl 0541.49007]
Liess, O., Uniqueness for the characteristic Cauchy problem and analytic regularity for partial differential equations with polynomial coefficients in the presence of growth type conditions, 163-201 [Zbl 0498.35027]
Lieutenant, J.-L., Applications of decompositions of holomorphic functions to partial differential equations with constant coefficients, 203-212 [Zbl 0508.35023]
Lousberg, P., Backward parabolic equations, 213-221 [Zbl 0502.35085]
Persson, J., Singular holomorphic solutions of linear partial differential equations with holomorphic coefficients and nonanalytic solutions of equations with analytic coefficients, 223-247 [Zbl 0501.35018]
Rodino, L., Gevrey hypoellipticity for a class of operators with multiple characteristics, 249-261 [Zbl 0501.35021]
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