Sequences. (Reprint). (English) Zbl 0498.10001

New York-Heidelberg-Berlin: Springer-Verlag. xviii, 293 pp. DM 77.00; $ 33.20 (1983).
This book is a reprint of the original edition (Oxford 1966) which was reviewed in Zbl 0141.04405. According to the authors’ preface, changes from that edition have been kept to a minimum. Several misprints and some errors have been corrected and a one-page postscript gives some major references to describe significant progress with the main themes of this monograph.


11-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles) pertaining to number theory
11Bxx Sequences and sets
11B05 Density, gaps, topology
11B13 Additive bases, including sumsets
11B34 Representation functions
11B75 Other combinatorial number theory
11B83 Special sequences and polynomials
11N13 Primes in congruence classes
11N36 Applications of sieve methods


Zbl 0141.04405