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Computational logic in multi-agent systems. 6th international workshop, CLIMA VI, London, UK, June 27–29, 2005. Revised selected and invited papers. (English) Zbl 1096.68007
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3900. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-33996-5/pbk). xvii, 427 p. (2006).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding workshop has been reviewed (see Zbl 1073.68006).
Indexed articles:
Kowalski, Robert, The logical way to be artificially intelligent, 1-22 [Zbl 1236.68229]
Cholvy, Laurence; Garion, Christophe; Saurel, Claire, Ability in a multi-agent context: a model in the situation calculus, 23-36 [Zbl 1236.68223]
Nguyen, Linh Anh, Reasoning about epistemic states of agents by modal logic programming, 37-56 [Zbl 1236.68231]
Ågotnes, Thomas; Walicki, Michal, Strongly complete axiomatizations of “knowing at most” in syntactic structures, 57-76 [Zbl 1235.03048]
Solhaug, Bjørnar; Waaler, Arild, Logical spaces in multi-agent only knowing systems, 77-95 [Zbl 1236.68267]
Klüwer, Johan W.; Waaler, Arild, Trustworthiness by default, 96-111 [Zbl 1236.68227]
Pliuškevičius, Regimantas; Pliuškevičienė, Aida, Decision procedure for a fragment of mutual belief logic with quantified agent variables, 112-128 [Zbl 1235.03050]
Fisher, Michael, Implementing temporal logics: tools for execution and proof, 129-142 [Zbl 1236.68224]
Bordini, Rafael H.; Hübner, Jomi F., BDI agent programming in AgentSpeak using Jason, 143-164 [Zbl 1236.68248]
Sadri, Fariba, Using the KGP model of agency to design applications, 165-185 [Zbl 1236.68265]
Clark, Keith L.; Robinson, Peter J.; Amboldi, Silvana Zappacosta, Multi-threaded communicating agents in Qu-Prolog, 186-205 [Zbl 1236.68253]
Sadri, Fariba; Toni, Francesca, Variety of behaviours through profiles in logic-based agents, 206-225 [Zbl 1236.68266]
Knottenbelt, John; Clark, Keith, Contract-related agents, 226-242 [Zbl 1236.68228]
Chesani, Federico; Gavanelli, Marco; Alberti, Marco; Lamma, Evelina; Mello, Paola; Torroni, Paolo, Specification and verification of agent interaction using abductive reasoning, 243-264 [Zbl 1236.68252]
Baldoni, Matteo; Baroglio, Cristina; Martelli, Alberto; Patti, Viviana, Verification of protocol conformance and agent interoperability, 265-283 [Zbl 1236.68245]
Grossi, Davide; Dignum, Frank; Meyer, John-Jules Ch., Contextual terminologies, 284-302 [Zbl 1236.68225]
Boella, Guido; van der Torre, Leendert, Constitutive norms in the design of normative multiagent systems, 303-319 [Zbl 1236.68247]
Sakama, Chiaki; Inoue, Katsumi, Combining answer sets of nonmonotonic logic programs, 320-339 [Zbl 1236.68232]
Ceberio, Martine; Hosobe, Hiroshi; Satoh, Ken, Speculative constraint processing with iterative revision for disjunctive answers, 340-357 [Zbl 1236.68251]
Demolombe, Robert; Otermin Fernandez, Ana Mara, Intention recognition in the situation calculus and probability theory frameworks, 358-372 [Zbl 1236.68256]
Dastani, Mehdi; Dix, Jürgen; Novak, Peter, The first contest on multi-agent systems based on computational logic, 373-384 [Zbl 1176.68217]
Coffey, Simon; Gaertner, Dorian, Implementing pheromone-based, negotiating forager agents, 385-395 [Zbl 1236.68254]
Cares, Carlos; Franch, Xavier; Mayol, Enric, Extending Tropos for a Prolog implementation: A case study using the food collecting agent problem, 396-405 [Zbl 1236.68250]
Logie, Robert; Hall, Jon G.; Waugh, Kevin G., Reactive food gathering, 406-413 [Zbl 1236.68260]
Gonçalves, Eder Mateus Nunes; Bittencourt, Guilherme, Strategies for multi-agent coordination in a grid world using Petri nets, 414-419 [Zbl 1236.68258]
Toni, Francesca, Multi-agent systems in computational logic: Challenges and outcomes of the SOCS project, 420-426 [Zbl 1236.68269]

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