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Proceedings of the Northwestern homotopy theory conference (held at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, March 22-26, 1982). (English) Zbl 0508.00006
Contemporary Mathematics, 19. Providence, R.I.: American Mathematical Society (AMS). IX, 454 p. (1983).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually within the series ”Contemp. Math. 19 (1983).
Indexed articles:
Baker, Andrew, On weakly almost complex manifolds with vanishing decomposable Chern numbers, 1-7 [Zbl 0524.57023]
Barratt, M. G.; Jones, J. D. S.; Mahowald, M. E., The Kervaire invariant problem, 9-22 [Zbl 0528.55010]
Carter, J. Scott, Surgery theory of immersions, 23-39 [Zbl 0519.57025]
Cohen, F. R.; Taylor, L. R., The homology of function spaces, 39-50 [Zbl 0518.55004]
Davis, Donald M., Some new immersions and non-immersions of real projective spaces, 51-64 [Zbl 0522.57031]
Dold, Albrecht, Simple proofs of some Borsuk-Ulam results, 65-69 [Zbl 0521.55002]
Harper, John E.; Zabrodsky, A., Alteration of \(H\)-structures, 71-83 [Zbl 0523.55015]
Hausmann, Jean-Claude, Poincaré spaces with the homology of a sphere, 85-93 [Zbl 0525.57028]
Hsiang, W.-C.; Staffeldt, R. E., Rational algebraic K-theory of a product of Eilenberg-MacLane spaces, 95-114 [Zbl 0527.55019]
Kochman, Stanley O., An algebraic filtration of H*BO, 115-143 [Zbl 0523.55021]
Kraines, David; Lada, Thomas, The cohomology of the Dyer-Lashof algebra, 145-152 [Zbl 0522.55018]
Kuhn, Nicholas J., Spacelike resolutions of spectra, 153-165 [Zbl 0532.55010]
Lashof, R. K.; May, J. P.; Segal, G. B., Equivariant bundles with abelian structural group, 167-176 [Zbl 0526.55020]
Lin, Wen-Hsiung, Cohomology extensions in certain 2-stage Postnikov systems, 177-187 [Zbl 0524.55020]
Liulevicius, Arunas, Borsuk-Ulam theorems for spherical space forms, 189-192 [Zbl 0537.55009]
Madsen, Ib; Rothenberg, Mel, On the classification of G-spheres. (An outline), 193-226 [Zbl 0529.57022]
Mahowald, Mark; Shick, Paul, Some root invariants in Ext(Z/2,Z/2), 227-231 [Zbl 0528.55012]
Miller, Haynes; Wilkerson, Clarence, On the Segal conjecture for periodic groups, 233-246 [Zbl 0528.57031]
Mitchell, Stephen A., Power series methods in unoriented cobordism, 247-254 [Zbl 0523.55010]
Munkholm, Hans J., Rothenberg sequences and the algebraic \(S^ 1\)-bundle transfer, 255-265 [Zbl 0529.57014]
Oka, Shichiro, Small ring spectra and p-rank of the stable homotopy of spheres, 267-308 [Zbl 0543.55009]
Petrie, Ted, Equivariant cell attachment and equivariant vector bundles, 309-329 [Zbl 0518.57020]
Ray, Nigel; Schwartz, Lionel, Embedding certain complexes via unstable homotopy theory, 331-338 [Zbl 0518.55011]
Schultz, Reinhard, Exotic spheres admitting circle actions with codimension four stationary sets, 339-368 [Zbl 0521.57033]
Shimada, Nobuo, Note on symbols in \(K_ n\)., 369-378 [Zbl 0517.18015]
Tezuka, M.; Yagita, N., The cohomology of subgroups of \(GL_n(F_q)\), 379-396 [Zbl 0515.20028]
Thomas, C. B., Filtrations on the representation ring of a finite group, 397-405 [Zbl 0529.20038]
Thomason, R. W., The homotopy limit problem, 407-419 [Zbl 0528.55008]
Wilkerson, Clarence, A primer on the Dickson invariants, 421-434 [Zbl 0525.55013]
Current problems in homotopy theory and related topics, 435-454 [Zbl 0516.55001]

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