Experimental algorithms. 5th international workshop, WEA 2006, Cala Galdana, Menorca, Spain, May 24–27, 2006. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1107.68005

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4007. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-34597-3/pbk). xi, 329 p. (2006).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding workshop has been reviewed (see Zbl 1073.68008).
Indexed articles:
Nikoletseas, Sotiris, Algorithms for wireless sensor networks: design, analysis and experimental evaluation, 1-12 [Zbl 1196.68023]
Bouget, Matthieu; Leone, Pierre; Rolim, Jose, Numerical estimation of the impact of interferences on the localization problem in sensor networks, 13-23 [Zbl 1196.68022]
Dias, Thayse Christine S.; de Sousa Filho, Gilberto F.; Macambira, Elder M.; dos Anjos F. Cabral, Lucidio; Fampa, Marcia Helena C., An efficient heuristic for the ring star problem, 24-35 [Zbl 1196.90032]
Hartline, Jeff; Sharp, Alexa, An incremental model for combinatorial maximization problems, 36-48 [Zbl 1196.90102]
Tazari, Siamak; Müller-Hannemann, Matthias; Weihe, Karsten, Workload balancing in multi-stage production processes, 49-60 [Zbl 1196.90051]
Gomułkiewicz, Marcin; Kutyłowski, Mirosław; Wlaź, Paweł, Fault cryptanalysis and the shrinking generator, 61-72 [Zbl 1196.94054]
Freixas, Josep; Molinero, Xavier, Some advances in the theory of voting systems based on experimental algorithms, 73-84 [Zbl 1196.91023]
Paredes, Rodrigo; Chávez, Edgar; Figueroa, Karina; Navarro, Gonzalo, Practical construction of \(k\)-nearest neighbor graphs in metric spaces, 85-97 [Zbl 1196.05097]
Boitmanis, Krists; Freivalds, Kārlis; Lediņš, Pēteris; Opmanis, Rūdolfs, Fast and simple approximation of the diameter and radius of a graph, 98-108 [Zbl 1196.68320]
Amer, Abdelrahman; Oommen, B. John, Lists on lists: a framework for self-organizing lists in environments with locality of reference, 109-120 [Zbl 1196.68222]
Delpratt, O’Neil; Rahman, Naila; Raman, Rajeev, Engineering the LOUDS succinct tree representation, 134-145 [Zbl 1196.68058]
Gupta, Ankur; Hon, Wing-Kai; Shah, Rahul; Vitter, Jeffrey Scott, Compressed dictionaries: space measures, data sets, and experiments, 158-169 [Zbl 1196.68061]
Fredriksson, Kimmo; Grabowski, Szymon, Efficient bit-parallel algorithms for \((\delta ,\alpha )\)-matching, 170-181 [Zbl 1196.68349]
Englert, Matthias; Röglin, Heiko; Westermann, Matthias, Evaluation of online strategies for reordering buffers, 183-194 [Zbl 1196.68067]
Monien, Burkhard; Woclaw, Andreas, Scheduling unrelated parallel machines computational results, 195-206 [Zbl 1196.68030]
Aizatulin, Mihhail; Diedrich, Florian; Jansen, Klaus, Implementation of approximation algorithms for the max-min resource sharing problem, 207-218 [Zbl 1196.68319]
Díaz, Josep; Petit, Jordi; Thilikos, Dimitrios M., Kernels for the vertex cover problem on the preferred attachment model, 231-240 [Zbl 1196.05094]
Polzin, Tobias; Daneshmand, Siavash Vahdati, Practical partitioning-based methods for the Steiner problem, 241-252 [Zbl 1196.68236]
DasGupta, Bhaskar; Enciso, German A.; Sontag, Eduardo; Zhang, Yi, Algorithmic and complexity results for decompositions of biological networks into monotone subsystems, 253-264 [Zbl 1196.92016]
Hassin, Refael; Or, Einat, A maximum profit coverage algorithm with application to small molecules cluster identification, 265-276 [Zbl 1196.68230]
Figueroa, Karina; Chávez, Edgar; Navarro, Gonzalo; Paredes, Rodrigo, On the least cost for proximity searching in metric spaces, 279-290 [Zbl 1196.68071]
Pollatos, Gerasimos G.; Telelis, Orestis A.; Zissimopoulos, Vassilis, Updating directed minimum cost spanning trees, 291-302 [Zbl 1196.68065]
Chimani, Markus; Gutwenger, Carsten; Mutzel, Petra, Experiments on exact crossing minimization using column generation, 303-315 [Zbl 1196.68168]
Maue, Jens; Sanders, Peter; Matijevic, Domagoj, Goal directed shortest path queries using precomputed cluster distances, 316-327 [Zbl 1196.68176]


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