SPT 2004. Symmetry and perturbation theory. Proceedings of the 5th international conference, Cala Gonone, Sardinia, Italy, May 30–June 6, 2004. (English) Zbl 1130.34004

Singapore: World Scientific (ISBN 981-256-136-6/hbk). xii, 332 p. (2005).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The tutorial papers of SPT 2004 have been reviewed (see Zbl 1071.37001). The preceding conference (3, 2001) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0985.00019).
Indexed articles:
Anderson, I. M.; Fels, M. E., A co-chain map or the \(G\) invariant de Rham complex, 1-12 [Zbl 1136.58300]
Andrà, C.; Degiovanni, L., New examples of tri-Hamiltonian structures linking different Lenard chains, 13-21 [Zbl 1135.37328]
Babaoglu, C.; Erbay, S., Wave propagation in an elastic medium: GDS equations, 22-26 [Zbl 1133.74019]
Bakri, T., Parametric excitation in nonlinear dynamics, 27-34 [Zbl 1219.70058]
Barutello, V., Collisionless action-minimizing trajectories for the equivariant 3-body problem in \(\mathbb R^2\), 35-42 [Zbl 1171.70005]
Benenti, Sergio, The Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulations for a special class of non-conservative systems, 43-50 [Zbl 1336.70032]
Bolotin, Sergey, Shadowing chains of collision orbits for the elliptic 3-body problem, 51-58 [Zbl 1133.70004]
Bruzón, M. S.; Gandarias, M. L., Similarity reductions of an optical model, 59-66 [Zbl 1132.35486]
Buzzi, C. A.; Silva, P. R.; Teixeira, M. A., Fold, transcritical and pitchfork singularities for time-reversible systems, 67-74 [Zbl 1360.34125]
Celli, M., Homographic three-body motions with positive and negative masses, 75-82 [Zbl 1218.70005]
Chanu, C.; Rastelli, G., Remarks on conformal Killing tensors and separation of variables, 83-90 [Zbl 1136.53305]
Conti, M.; Verzini, G.; Terracini, S., A regularity theory for optimal partition problems, 91-98 [Zbl 1132.35364]
Gaeta, Giuseppe, Lambda and Mu-symmetries, 99-105 [Zbl 1144.35314]
Gandarias, M. L., Potential symmetries and linearization of some evolution equations, 106-114 [Zbl 1145.35315]
Gentile, G., Periodic solutions for zero mass nonlinear wave equations, 115-123 [Zbl 1148.35337]
Horwood, J. T.; McLenaghan, R. G.; Smirnov, R. G.; The, D., Fundamental covariants in the invariant theory of Killing tensors, 124-131 [Zbl 1136.53304]
Hsiang, Wu-Yi, Global geometry of 3-body trajectories with vanishing angular momentum, 132-140 [Zbl 1336.70025]
Kadem, Abdelouahab, The relation between the topological structure of the set of controllable affine systems and topological structures of the set of controllable homogeneous systems in low dimension, 141-150 [Zbl 1142.93315]
Kossenko, I. I., On preservation of action variables for satellite librations in elliptic orbit with account of solar light pressure, 151-158 [Zbl 1172.70012]
Langmann, Edwin, An explicit solution of the (quantum) elliptic Calogero-Sutherland model, 159-174 [Zbl 1135.81387]
Llibre, Jaume; Perez-Chavela, Ernesto, An application of the Melnikov integral to a restricted three body problem, 175-182 [Zbl 1145.70005]
Lombardo, S.; Mikhailov, A. V., Reductions of integrable equations and automorphic Lie algebras, 183-192 [Zbl 1135.37331]
Marciniak, Krzysztof; Błaszak, Maciej, Geometric reduction of Poisson operators, 193-197 [Zbl 1136.53329]
Matveev, Vladimir S., Closed manifolds admitting metrics with the same geodesics, 198-208 [Zbl 1136.53315]
Meijer, H. G. E., A transcritical-flip bifurcation in a model for a robot-arm, 209-214 [Zbl 1336.70024]
Milson, R., Alignment and the classification of Lorentz-signature tensors, 215-222 [Zbl 1136.53308]
Murata, Souichi, Renormalization group symmetry and gas dynamics, 223-228 [Zbl 1140.35318]
Murdock, James, Refined computation of hypernormal forms, 229-235 [Zbl 1149.34323]
Muriel, C.; Romero, J. L., New order reductions for Euler-Lagrange equations, 236-243 [Zbl 1136.70009]
Olver, Peter J.; Pohjanpelto, Juha, Regularity of pseudogroup orbits, 244-254 [Zbl 1136.58304]
Penati, Tiziano; Paleari, Simone, Relaxation times to equilibrium in Fermi-Pasta-Ulam system, 255-262 [Zbl 1138.82337]
Ponno, A.; Bambusi, D., Energy cascade in Fermi-Pasta-Ulam models, 263-270 [Zbl 1138.82338]
Pucacco, Giuseppe, On Birkhoff method for integrable Lagrangian systems, 271-278 [Zbl 1135.37322]
Sartori, G.; Valente, G., Symmetry of singularities and orbits spaces of compact linear groups, 279-290 [Zbl 1136.58020]
Sbano, Luca, Symmetric solutions in molecular potentials, 291-299 [Zbl 1135.37325]
Skarka, V.; Aleksic, N. B.; Berezhiani, V., Variational approach to soliton generation and stability analysis of multidimensional nonlinear Schödinger equation, 300-307 [Zbl 1132.35479]
Yehorchenko, Irina, Differential invariants for infinite-dimensional algebras, 308-312 [Zbl 1237.58031]


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