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Introduction to linear differential systems. (English) Zbl 0521.14006
Singularities, Summer Inst., Arcata/Calif. 1981, Proc. Symp. Pure Math. 40, Part 2, 31-63 (1983).

14F10 Differentials and other special sheaves; D-modules; Bernstein-Sato ideals and polynomials
32L05 Holomorphic bundles and generalizations
58J10 Differential complexes
32A45 Hyperfunctions
14C30 Transcendental methods, Hodge theory (algebro-geometric aspects)
35Q15 Riemann-Hilbert problems in context of PDEs
35A20 Analyticity in context of PDEs
32Sxx Complex singularities
32C35 Analytic sheaves and cohomology groups
14F30 \(p\)-adic cohomology, crystalline cohomology
58C25 Differentiable maps on manifolds
58K99 Theory of singularities and catastrophe theory
58A14 Hodge theory in global analysis