Modules holonomes à singularites régulières et filtration de Hodge. (French) Zbl 0523.14010

Algebraic geometry, Proc. int. Conf., La Rabida/Spain 1981, Lect. Notes Math. 961, 1-21 (1982).


14C30 Transcendental methods, Hodge theory (algebro-geometric aspects)
14F40 de Rham cohomology and algebraic geometry
32L10 Sheaves and cohomology of sections of holomorphic vector bundles, general results
14F10 Differentials and other special sheaves; D-modules; Bernstein-Sato ideals and polynomials
55N35 Other homology theories in algebraic topology
32C35 Analytic sheaves and cohomology groups
14A20 Generalizations (algebraic spaces, stacks)
58A14 Hodge theory in global analysis
58J10 Differential complexes


Zbl 0487.00004