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Applications and theory of Petri nets. 29th international conference, PETRI NETS 2008, Xi’an, China, June 23–27, 2008. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1138.68009
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5062. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-540-68745-0/pbk). xiii, 429 p. (2008).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1121.68005).
Indexed articles:
Bergenthum, Robin; Lorenz, Robert; Mauser, Sebastian, Faster unfolding of general Petri nets based on token flows, 13-32 [Zbl 1143.68471]
Best, Eike; Darondeau, Philippe, Decomposition theorems for bounded persistent Petri nets, 33-51 [Zbl 1143.68473]
Bonchi, Filippo; Brogi, Antonio; Corfini, Sara; Gadducci, Fabio, Compositional specification of web services via behavioural equivalence of nets: A case study, 52-71 [Zbl 1143.68474]
Bouroulet, Roland; Devillers, Raymond; Klaudel, Hanna; Pelz, Elisabeth; Pommereau, Franck, Modeling and analysis of security protocols using role based specifications and Petri nets, 72-91 [Zbl 1143.68476]
Carmona, J.; Cortadella, J.; Kishinevsky, M.; Kondratyev, A.; Lavagno, L.; Yakovlev, A., A symbolic algorithm for the synthesis of bounded Petri nets, 92-111 [Zbl 1143.68478]
Darondeau, Philippe; Koutny, Maciej; Pietkiewicz-Koutny, Marta; Yakovlev, Alex, Synthesis of nets with step firing policies, 112-131 [Zbl 1143.68482]
Ding, Lay G.; Liu, Lin, Modelling and analysis of the INVITE transaction of the session initiation protocol using coloured Petri nets, 132-151 [Zbl 1143.68483]
Espensen, Kristian L.; Kjeldsen, Mads K.; Kristensen, Lars M., Modelling and initial validation of the DYMO routing protocol for mobile ad-hoc networks, 152-170 [Zbl 1143.68329]
Fleischer, Paul; Kristensen, Lars M., Formal specification and validation of secure connection establishment in a generic access network scenario, 171-190 [Zbl 1143.68321]
Gallasch, Guy Edward; Billington, Jonathan, Parametric language analysis of the class of stop-and-wait protocols, 191-210 [Zbl 1143.68453]
Hamez, Alexandre; Thierry-Mieg, Yann; Kordon, Fabrice, Hierarchical set decision diagrams and automatic saturation, 211-230 [Zbl 1143.68454]
Hiraishi, Kunihiko, Performance evaluation of workflows using continuous Petri nets with interval firing speeds, 231-250 [Zbl 1143.68485]
Janicki, Ryszard; Lê, Dai Tri Man, Modelling concurrency with quotient monoids, 251-269 [Zbl 1143.68486]
Jantzen, Matthias; Zetzsche, Georg, Labeled step sequences in Petri nets, 270-287 [Zbl 1143.68487]
Klai, Kais; Poitrenaud, Denis, MC-SOG: An LTL model checker based on symbolic observation graphs, 288-306 [Zbl 1143.68455]
Magnin, Morgan; Lime, Didier; Roux, Olivier H., Symbolic state space of stopwatch Petri nets with discrete-time semantics (theory paper), 307-326 [Zbl 1143.68493]
Meyer, Roland; Khomenko, Victor; Strazny, Tim, A practical approach to verification of mobile systems using net unfoldings, 327-347 [Zbl 1143.68460]
Oberheid, Hendrik; Söffker, Dirk, Cooperative arrival management in air traffic control – a coloured Petri net model of sequence planning, 348-367 [Zbl 1143.90318]
van der Werf, J. M. E. M.; van Dongen, B. F.; Hurkens, C. A. J.; Serebrenik, A., Process discovery using integer linear programming, 368-387 [Zbl 1143.68497]
Sessego, Fausto; Giua, Alessandro; Seatzu, Carla, HYPENS: A MATLAB tool for timed discrete, continuous and hybrid Petri nets, 419-428 [Zbl 1143.68494]

68-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to computer science
68Q85 Models and methods for concurrent and distributed computing (process algebras, bisimulation, transition nets, etc.)
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
HYPENS; Matlab
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