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Mathematical handbook for scientists and engineers. Definitions, theorems and formulas for reference and review. 5th ed. Transl. from the 2nd Engl. ed. by I. G. Aramanovich, A. M. Berezman, I. A. Vaĭnshteĭn, L. Z. Rumshiskiĭ, L. Ya. Tslag. Transl. ed. I. G. Aramanovich. (Справочник по математике для научных работников и инженеров. Определения, теоремы, формулы.) (Russian) Zbl 0535.00032
Moskva: “Nauka”. Glavnaya Redaktsiya Fiziko-Matematicheskoĭ Literatury. 804 p. R. 3.80 (1984).
Translated from the English original Zbl 0177.29301.

00A20 Dictionaries and other general reference works
00A22 Formularies
00A06 Mathematics for nonmathematicians (engineering, social sciences, etc.)