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Statistics: theory and practice. Selected papers by Sir Maurice Kendall (1907-1983). (English) Zbl 0538.01022
High Wycombe: Charles Griffin & Company Limited. XVIII, 268 p. £18.95 (1984).
This memorial selection of the work of Sir Maurice Kendall is concentrated on the less accessible of his papers. It is not at all complete but it indicates the ”quality and flavour of a very remarkable man”. The obituary notice by the editor [J. R. Stat. Soc., Ser. A 147, 120-122 (1984)] is followed by a selected bibliography of his statistical works, 17 books and 74 papers (till 1969).
The 18 papers reproduced here fall into four groups. The first four papers are concerned with applications, including his inaugural lecture given at the London School of Economics on January, 17th, 1950, and his presidential address to the Royal Statistical Society on November, 16th, 1960. A paper on the relation between votes cast and seats won in two- party elections and one on the analysis of economic time-series, with special application to stock market prices. The next group consists of six papers on the theory of symmetric functions of sample observations. The third group includes the theory of ranking methods, including his 1938 discovery of the rank correlation coefficient named after him and two of his important collaborations with B. Smith. The last group contains three of his early papers on the theory of time-series and his poem ”Hiawatha designs an experiment”. His historical papers are collected elsewhere [see E. S. Pearson and M. G. Kendall (eds.) ”Studies in the history of statistics and probability (1970; Zbl 0206.179)].
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