Surgery on simply-connected manifolds. (Perestrojki odnosvyaznykh mnogoobrazij). Transl. from the English by Yu. B. Rudyak. Transl. ed. by A. S. Mishchenko. (Russian) Zbl 0543.57003

Moskva: “Nauka”, Glavnaya Redaktsiya Fiziko-Matematicheskoj Literatury. 208 p. R. 1.10 (1984).
See the review of the English original (1972) in Zbl 0239.57016.


57-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles) pertaining to manifolds and cell complexes
57R65 Surgery and handlebodies
57R55 Differentiable structures in differential topology
57R10 Smoothing in differential topology
57R60 Homotopy spheres, Poincaré conjecture
57R75 \(\mathrm{O}\)- and \(\mathrm{SO}\)-cobordism
57P10 Poincaré duality spaces
55R25 Sphere bundles and vector bundles in algebraic topology
55P25 Spanier-Whitehead duality


Zbl 0239.57016