Suites à termes dans un alphabet fini. (French) Zbl 0547.10048

Sémin. Théor. Nombres, Univ. Bordeaux I 1982-1983, Exp. No. 25, 16 p. (1983).
Let \(u=(u_ n)\), \(n\in {\mathbb{N}}\), be a sequence over a finite alphabet A. Denote by p(n) the number of words of length n which appear in u. The paper discusses some solved and unsolved problems related to the growth of p(n), especially the cases \(p(n)=n+1\) (so-called Sturm sequences) and \(p(n)=2n+1\).
Reviewer: F.Schweiger


11K99 Probabilistic theory: distribution modulo \(1\); metric theory of algorithms
54H20 Topological dynamics (MSC2010)
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