Unicité de Cauchy pour des opérateurs de type principal à coefficients \(C^{\infty}\). (French) Zbl 0551.35016

Sémin. Goulaouic-Meyer-Schwartz 1983-1984, Équat. dériv. part., Exposé No. 9, 9 p. (1984).
The authors obtain some conditions which are sufficient for the unicity of the solution of the non-characteristic Cauchy problem for the second order differential operator of principal type. They show that these conditions are necessary in some sense. Some examples and the outline of the proof are given. These results generalize some well known resuls of L. Hörmander, C. Zuily, S. Alinhac and M. S. Baouendi.
Reviewer: Yu.V.Egorov


35G10 Initial value problems for linear higher-order PDEs
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