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Mathematics. Volume I. Places and times. (La matematica. Volume I. I luoghi e i tempi.) (Italian) Zbl 1290.01006
Torino: Giulio Einaudi Editore (ISBN 978-88-06-16424-9). xx, 762 p. (2007).
Translation of the publisher’s description: This is a history of mathematics from its “schools”: centers of culture from which the fascination of numbers emanated into the world, from Babylon to Oxford today.
Within the universe of mathematics there seem to be endless themes, suggestions, readings, taking its cue from specialist studies, invading and permeating every field of human knowledge.
Mathematics is a work that sheds new light on the relationship, ancient and modern, between the science of numbers and other forms of culture. Claudio Bartocci and Pierre Odifreddi, two mathematicians always open to interdisciplinary topics, treating this “Great Work” in four volumes with the help of a first rate committee (there are many Fields Medallist, the “Nobel Prize” of mathematics) and composed with essays by almost one hundred authors from all over the world.
The book covers the first 27 essays in the history of many centers of culture from which the knowledge of mathematics was spread into the world, from Babylon to Athens and Oxford and Princeton.
A work that will help mathematicians to understand how deep the connections between their studies and the accompanying reality and in parallel non-mathematicians on a journey that will uncover their importance and appeal of this knowledge in the development of cultural and material humanity.
Scientific Committee: Sir Michael Atiyah (Chairman, University of Edinburgh, Fields Medal 1966), Alain Connes (Collège de France, Paris, Fields Medal 1982), Freeman Dyson (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton), Yuri Manin (Northwestern University, Evanston), David Mumford (Brown University, Providence, Fields Medal 1974), Hilary Putnam (Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts) and Steve Smale (Toyota Technological Institute, Chicago, Fields Medal 1966).
Volume 1. Places and times.
The book traces the history of mathematics from its “schools”: centers of culture from which the fascination of numbers emanated into the world, from Babylon to Oxford today.
Volume 2. Problems and theorems. In a vision, “orthogonal” to the above, here we analyze the main problems in all places and in all ages have (or not have) found a solution, from Pythagoras to Wiles.
Volume 3. Sounds, shapes, words.
The harmony, perspective, color, poetry, symmetry, literary invention: the whole substrate mathematician, overt and covert, which has influenced the artistic production of man.
Volume 4. The plot with the sciences.
From biology, physics, through economics and sociology, there is no science that does not make extensive use of mathematical tools and has involved this “great sister” in deep relationship.
For the French edition see [Zbl 1342.01007]. For Vol. II, III and IV see [Zbl 1290.01007; Zbl 1344.01003; Zbl 1344.01004].

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