Principles of database systems. 2nd ed. (English) Zbl 0558.68078

Computer Software Engineering Series. Rockville, Maryland: Computer Science Press. VII, 484 p. (1982).
[For a review of the first edition see Zbl 0416.68086.]
The field of database management now plays a central role in the application of computers. The purpose of this monograph is to provide an overview on some important ideas in database theory including an explanation how the theory can be used for system design. The book is designed for practicing computer scientists and for database courses.
Chapter 1 introduces basic concepts of a DBMS. The role of a data model is outlined and three most widely known data models are described. Chapter 2 discusses the principal file organization methods as the basic problem in physical database representation. In Chapters 3-4 the DBTG proposal, and the hierarchical data model, their implementation, and the data manipulation languages are studied. Chapter 5 explains the relational data model and covers three approaches to the design of query languages - i.e. relation algebra, domain and tuple calculus. The equivalence in expressive power of the three abstract languages is proved. In Chapter 6 some real languages such as ISBL, QUEL, Query-by- Example, and SEQUEL are described. Chapter 7 discusses the difficult topic of design theory for relational databases based on the notion of dependency. The given design algorithms concern functional and multivalued dependencies. In Chapter 8 the problem of query optimization is treated. The strategies are shown on actual DBMS such as System R and INGRES. Chapter 9 covers a discussion of universal relation systems, which supports a user view that looks like a single relation. In Chapter 10 integrity and security aspects of a DBMS are considered. Some methods of concurrency control are introduced in Chapter 11. Chapter 12 concludes the book by outlining optimization techniques and problems of concurrency control in distributed DBS.
Throughout the book there are many exercises, some of which can be used as starting points for further research.
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