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Spatial and temporal characteristics of OH in turbulent opposed-jet double flames. (English) Zbl 1259.80019
Summary: Simultaneous high repetition-rate, two-point hydroxyl (OH) time-series measurements with associated PLIF/PIV measurements are employed to investigate spatio-temporal scales and flame-velocity interactions in turbulent opposed jets sustaining methane-air double flames. For a fuel-side equivalence ratio, \(\varphi _{B } = 1.2\), a rich premixed flame exists on the fuel side while a diffusion flame exists on the air side of the stagnation plane. The bulk Reynolds number (Re) and strain rate (SR) can be adjusted to generate flames at \(\varphi _{B } = 1.2\) with both well separated and completely merged flame fronts. Simultaneous PLIF/PIV measurements highlight distinct spatial OH structures of the premixed and diffusive fronts corresponding to variations in the flow field. The self-propagating tendency of the rich premixed front causes large-scale wrinkling, thereby enhancing the OH contour length by \(15\%\) as compared to the diffusive front. Two-point OH time-series measurements are implemented to quantify both spatial and temporal fluctuations via study of radial length and time scales. In general, these integral length and time scales follow similar trends and reach a minimum at the axial location of peak [OH]. In comparison to merged double flames having higher Re and SR, greater OH fluctuations are observed in the rich-premixed front as compared to the diffusive front for a well separated double flame. Because of the developing turbulence, the OH length scales exhibit reduced axial gradients across the reaction zone for higher Re in comparison to lower Re. A stochastic time-series simulation, using a state relationship based on a joint mixture fraction and progress variable, is utilized to extract estimated scalar time scales from those of measured OH. The simulations indicate that the hydroxyl fluctuations in double flames are only twice those of the underlying conserved scalar.
80A30 Chemical kinetics in thermodynamics and heat transfer
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