Covering properties. (English) Zbl 0569.54022

Handbook of set-theoretic topology, 347-422 (1984).
[For the entire collection see Zbl 0546.00022.]
The contents are best described by the author in his introduction: ”This chapter (of the handbook) emphasizes certain characterizations of different covering properties, relationships among them, and invariance under mappings, products, subspaces and sums.... By necessity most of the applications of covering properties could not be included here... [nor are the] countable versions of covering properties (such as countably paracompact)....”
Reviewer: D.E.Cameron


54D20 Noncompact covering properties (paracompact, Lindelöf, etc.)
54D30 Compactness
54B05 Subspaces in general topology
54B10 Product spaces in general topology
54B15 Quotient spaces, decompositions in general topology
54D45 Local compactness, \(\sigma\)-compactness


Zbl 0546.00022