Concurrent systems and processes. Final report on the foundational part of the project BEGRUND. (English) Zbl 0569.68017

GMD-Stud. 104, 130 p. (1985).
This report describes the results of the foundational part of the project ’Bestandsaufnahme und Weiterentwicklung der begrifflichen und formalen Grundlagen organisatorischer Systeme’ (BEGRUND) which has been conducted at the GMD from August 1980 to December 1984.
It is not attempted, in this report, to give a complete description of all of the work done in the project. Some important areas of work in the project (notably that on Higher Level Nets and that on Interaction Systems) are not reported upon, the simple reason being that it would be an enormous (while not necessarily desirable) task to bring everything that has been produced by the project together in a single document like this. Nevertheless, readers who wish to gain an overview of the work done in the project will find in this report a complete bibliographical list of the project literature.
In this report we concentrate on the work done in the areas of axiomatising the notion of concurrency, applying partially ordered sets to the description of concurrent systems, including in particular concurrent programs, and studying various special classes of Petri nets. The emphasis in the project has been on the formal introduction of the relevant concepts and on obtaining interesting new results. This report attempts to give as coherent as possible an overview of this work, while the emphasis is also on motivating and stating the major results in detail.


68N25 Theory of operating systems
68Q85 Models and methods for concurrent and distributed computing (process algebras, bisimulation, transition nets, etc.)