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Robust multivariable feedback control. (English) Zbl 0576.93041
ZKI Inf., Akad. Wiss. DDR 3, 101 p. (1984).
The purpose of this long paper is twofold. The first aim is to give a survey on the state of the art of robust multivariable feedback control. In Chapters 1 and 2 the problem of robust control is derived from the conditions which typically accompany the design of multivariable control loops in practice. Then the main streams of robustness analysis and design are summarized. The sections 3.1., 4.1., and 5.1. describe the known basic concepts of modelling, analysing, and designing feedback systems with significant uncertainties in more detail.
The second aim of this paper is to give a generalization and unification of the methods suitable for systems with unknown-but-bounded model uncertainties (Sections 3.2., 4.2. and 5.2.). Being applicable in the time and frequency domains and to both continuous and discrete-time systems this general approach includes many known procedures as specific cases and points out their methodical similarities. This enables us to find the main sources of conservatism of the known robustness tests (Section 5.3.) and to show a way towards better methods for evaluating the robustness properties (Section 5.4., Chapter 6).
Reviewer: J.O’Reilly

93C35 Multivariable systems, multidimensional control systems
93B35 Sensitivity (robustness)
93D15 Stabilization of systems by feedback
93C55 Discrete-time control/observation systems
93C99 Model systems in control theory