Mathematical software – ICMS 2010. Third international congress on mathematical software, Kobe, Japan, September 13–17, 2010. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1196.68008

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6327. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-15581-9/pbk). xvi, 368 p. (2010).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1195.68008).
Indexed articles:
Hales, Thomas C., Computational discrete geometry, 1-3 [Zbl 1294.68140]
Kojima, Masakazu, Exploiting structured sparsity in large scale semidefinite programming problems, 4-9 [Zbl 1295.90041]
Mehlhorn, Kurt, Reliable and efficient geometric computing, 10-11 [Zbl 1294.68143]
Eröcal, Burçin; Stein, William, The Sage project: unifying free mathematical software to create a viable alternative to Magma, Maple, Mathematica and Matlab, 12-27 [Zbl 1295.68225]
Chevillard, Sylvain; Joldeş, Mioara; Lauter, Christoph, Sollya: an environment for the development of numerical codes, 28-31 [Zbl 1295.65143]
Cuyt, Annie; Backeljauw, Franky; Becuwe, Stefan; Van Deun, Joris, Validated special functions software, 32-34 [Zbl 1295.65023]
Benoit, Alexandre; Chyzak, Frédéric; Darrasse, Alexis; Gerhold, Stefan; Mezzarobba, Marc; Salvy, Bruno, The dynamic dictionary of mathematical functions (DDMF), 35-41 [Zbl 1295.65022]
Zimmermann, Paul, Reliable computing with GNU MPFR, 42-45 [Zbl 1295.65148]
Barakat, Mohamed; Görtzen, Simon, Simplicial cohomology of smooth orbifolds in GAP, 46-49 [Zbl 1294.68150]
Eick, Bettina; Horn, Max, Computing polycyclic quotients of finitely (\(L\)-)presented groups via Groebner bases., 50-53 [Zbl 1198.20029]
Ambrose, Sophie; Murray, Scott H.; Praeger, Cheryl E.; Schneider, Csaba, Constructive membership testing in black-box classical groups., 54-57 [Zbl 1198.20039]
Behrends, Reimer; Konovalov, Alexander; Linton, Steve; Lübeck, Frank; Neunhöffer, Max, Towards high-performance computational algebra with GAP, 58-61 [Zbl 1294.68151]
Miyamoto, Izumi, An improvement of a function computing normalizers for permutation groups., 62-68 [Zbl 1198.20004]
Pasechnik, Dmitrii V.; Kini, Keshav, A GAP package for computation with coherent configurations, 69-72 [Zbl 1294.68163]
Abbott, John; Bigatti, Anna M., CoCoALib: A C++ library for computations in commutative algebra\(\dots \) and beyond, 73-76 [Zbl 1267.13048]
Dumas, Jean-Guillaume; Gautier, Thierry; Pernet, Clément; Saunders, B. David, LinBox founding scope allocation, parallel building blocks, and separate compilation, 77-83 [Zbl 1294.68155]
Faugère, Jean-Charles, FGb: a library for computing Gröbner bases, 84-87 [Zbl 1294.68156]
Hart, William B., Fast library for number theory: an introduction, 88-91 [Zbl 1273.11177]
Halperin, Dan, Controlled perturbation for certified geometric computing with fixed-precision arithmetic, 92-95 [Zbl 1295.65019]
Karavelas, Menelaos I., Exact geometric and algebraic computations in CGAL, 96-99 [Zbl 1274.65060]
Rouillier, Fabrice, On solving systems of bivariate polynomials, 100-104 [Zbl 1274.65156]
Rump, Siegfried M., Accurate and reliable computing in floating-point arithmetic, 105-108 [Zbl 1295.65133]
Mörig, Marc, Deferring dag construction by storing sums of floats speeds-up exact decision computations based on expression dags, 109-120 [Zbl 1295.65020]
Yu, Jihun; Yap, Chee; Du, Zilin; Pion, Sylvain; Brönnimann, Hervé, The design of Core 2: a library for exact numeric computation in geometry and algebra, 121-141 [Zbl 1295.65147]
Alama, Jesse, Euler’s polyhedron formula in mizar, 144-147 [Zbl 1294.68132]
Arthan, R. D., Building a library of mechanized mathematical proofs: Why do it? And what is it like to do?, 148 [Zbl 1294.68121]
Hales, Thomas C., Linear programs for the Kepler conjecture (extended abstract), 149-151 [Zbl 1294.68122]
Harrison, John, A formal proof of Pick’s theorem (extended abstract), 152-154 [Zbl 1294.68123]
Urban, Josef; Hoder, Krystof; Voronkov, Andrei, Evaluation of automated theorem proving on the Mizar mathematical library, 155-166 [Zbl 1294.68128]
Hoffmann, Tim, On local deformations of planar quad-meshes, 167-169 [Zbl 1294.68141]
Weber, Matthias, Construction of harmonic surfaces with prescribed geometry, 170-173 [Zbl 1295.65021]
von Gagern, Martin; Mercat, Christian, A library of OpenGL-based mathematical image filters, 174-185 [Zbl 1294.68147]
Mucherino, Antonio; Liberti, Leo; Lavor, Carlile, MD-jeep: an implementation of a branch and prune algorithm for distance geometry problems, 186-197 [Zbl 1294.68144]
Reininghaus, Jan; Günther, David; Hotz, Ingrid; Prohaska, Steffen; Hege, Hans-Christian, TADD: a computational framework for data analysis using discrete Morse theory, 198-208 [Zbl 1294.68146]
Bruns, Winfried; Ichim, Bogdan; Söger, Christof, Introduction to Normaliz 2.5, 209-212 [Zbl 1294.68152]
Markwig, Thomas, Computer algebra methods in tropical geometry, 213-216 [Zbl 1294.68161]
Blanco, Rocío, A new desingularization algorithm for binomial varieties in arbitrary characteristic, 217-220 [Zbl 1295.14013]
Nakayama, Hiromasa; Nishiyama, Kenta, An algorithm of computing inhomogeneous differential equations for definite integrals, 221-232 [Zbl 1294.68162]
Noro, Masayuki, New algorithms for computing primary decomposition of polynomial ideals, 233-244 [Zbl 1229.13003]
Tec, Loredana; Regensburger, Georg; Rosenkranz, Markus; Buchberger, Bruno, An automated confluence proof for an infinite rewrite system parametrized over an integro-differential algebra, 245-248 [Zbl 1294.68165]
Dotsenko, Vladimir; Vejdemo-Johansson, Mikael, Operadic Gröbner bases: an implementation, 249-252 [Zbl 1294.68154]
Cannon, John; Donnelly, Steve; Fieker, Claus; Watkins, Mark, Magma – a tool for number theory, 253-255 [Zbl 1294.68153]
Citro, Craig; Ghitza, Alexandru, Enumerating Galois representations in Sage, 256-259 [Zbl 1244.11099]
Tanaka, Satoru; Ogura, Naoki; Nakamula, Ken; Matsui, Tetsushi; Uchiyama, Shigenori, NZMATH 1.0, 260-269 [Zbl 1295.11140]
Adjiashvili, David; Baes, Michel; Rostalski, Philipp, Removing redundant quadratic constraints, 270-281 [Zbl 1295.90038]
Jensen, Anders Nedergaard, Traversing symmetric polyhedral fans, 282-294 [Zbl 1294.68157]
Rehn, Thomas; Schürmann, Achill, C++ tools for exploiting polyhedral symmetries, 295-298 [Zbl 1295.52020]
Verdoolaege, Sven, isl: An integer set library for the polyhedral model, 299-302 [Zbl 1294.68166]
Liberti, Leo; Cafieri, Sonia; Savourey, David, The reformulation-optimization software engine, 303-314 [Zbl 1294.68160]
Haase, Christian; Lorenz, Benjamin; Paffenholz, Andreas, Generating smooth lattice polytopes, 315-328 [Zbl 1295.52019]
Lecerf, Grégoire, Mathemagix: towards large scale programming for symbolic and certified numeric computations, 329-332 [Zbl 1294.68158]
Neher, Markus, Complex inclusion functions in the CoStLy C++ class library, 333-336 [Zbl 1295.65146]
Revol, Nathalie, Standardized interval arithmetic and interval arithmetic used in libraries, 337-341 [Zbl 1295.65055]
Leiserson, Charles E.; Li, Liyun; Moreno Maza, Marc; Xie, Yuzhen, Efficient evaluation of large polynomials, 342-353 [Zbl 1294.68159]
Popova, Evgenija D.; Krämer, Walter, Communicating functional expressions from Mathematica to C-XSC, 354-365 [Zbl 1294.68164]


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