Whirlwind: a new cryptographic hash function. (English) Zbl 1256.94042

Summary: A new cryptographic hash function, Whirlwind, is presented. We give a full specification and explain the design rationale. We show how the hash function can be implemented efficiently in software and give first performance numbers. A detailed analysis of the security against state-of-the-art cryptanalysis methods is also provided. In comparison to the algorithms submitted to the SHA-3 competition, Whirlwind takes recent developments in cryptanalysis into account by design. Even though software performance is not outstanding, it compares favourably with the 512-bit versions of SHA-3 candidates such as LANE or the original CubeHash proposal and is about on par with ECHO and MD6.


94A60 Cryptography
11T71 Algebraic coding theory; cryptography (number-theoretic aspects)
12E30 Field arithmetic
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