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Interaction de chocs. (Interaction of shocks). (French) Zbl 0579.35054
Sémin., Équations Dériv. Partielles 1984-1985, Exp. No. 6, 17 p. (1985).
This paper, inspired by Majda’s work, is devoted to the study of the Cauchy problem with initial data discontinuous through a hypersurface, for systems of conservation laws, in the case where the solution presents shocks only. The computations are made, for simplicity in the case where the space dimension and the number of singularities are equal to two. Then, the problem of the interaction of two shocks is considered, when the Cauchy data are no more given for \(t=0\), but on a hypersurface which contains the intersection of two incident shocks surfaces.
Reviewer: J.Mawhin
35L67 Shocks and singularities for hyperbolic equations
35L65 Hyperbolic conservation laws
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