Numerical simulation of non-Newtonian flow. (English) Zbl 0583.76002

Rheology Series 1. Amsterdam etc.: Elsevier. XIII, 352 p. $ 65.50; Dfl. 170.00 (1984).
The book has been divided in four sections. Section 1 consists of four chapters dealing with general introduction, basic equations, flow classification and an overview of numerical simulation, respectively. Section 2 deals with finite difference techniques. It consists of three chapters namely introduction to finite differences, finite difference simulation differential models and finite difference simulation - time dependence. Section 3 contains finite element techniques. It compromises of three chapters namely introduction to finite elements, finite element calculation of generalized Newtonian flow and finite element calculation of visco-elastic flow. Section 4 is the epilogue and deals with outstanding problems and future trends. It is a very well - written book and deals in detail with the solution of various problems in non- Newtonian flow, by finite difference and finite element techniques. The presentation is extremely lucid. Presence of section 4 has enhanced the importance of the book. The book will prove to be indispensible for persons working in non-Newtonian flow.
Reviewer: Y.N.Gaur


76-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles) pertaining to fluid mechanics
76A10 Viscoelastic fluids
76A05 Non-Newtonian fluids