Meet-in-the-middle attacks on reduced-round XTEA. (English) Zbl 1284.94109

Kiayias, Aggelos (ed.), Topics in cryptology – CT-RSA 2011. The cryptographers’ track at the RSA conference 2011, San Francisco, CA, USA, February 14–18, 2011. Proceedings. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-19073-5/pbk). Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6558, 250-267 (2011).
Summary: The block cipher XTEA, designed by Needham and Wheeler, was published as a technical report in 1997. The cipher was a result of fixing some weaknesses in the cipher TEA (also designed by Wheeler and Needham), which was used in Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console. XTEA is a 64-round Feistel cipher with a block size of 64 bits and a key size of 128 bits. In this paper, we present meet-in-the-middle attacks on twelve variants of the XTEA block cipher, where each variant consists of 23 rounds. Two of these require only 18 known plaintexts and a computational effort equivalent to testing about \(2^{117}\) keys, with a success probability of \(1 - 2^{ - 1025}\). Under the standard (single-key) setting, there is no attack reported on 23 or more rounds of XTEA, that requires less time and fewer data than the above. This paper also discusses a variant of the classical meet-in-the-middle approach. All attacks in this paper are applicable to XETA as well, a block cipher that has not undergone public analysis yet. TEA, XTEA and XETA are implemented in the Linux kernel.
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94A60 Cryptography


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