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Itemset mining: a constraint programming perspective. (English) Zbl 1353.68233
Summary: The field of data mining has become accustomed to specifying constraints on patterns of interest. A large number of systems and techniques has been developed for solving such constraint-based mining problems, especially for mining itemsets. The approach taken in the field of data mining contrasts with the constraint programming principles developed within the artificial intelligence community. While most data mining research focuses on algorithmic issues and aims at developing highly optimized and scalable implementations that are tailored towards specific tasks, constraint programming employs a more declarative approach. The emphasis lies on developing high-level modeling languages and general solvers that specify what the problem is, rather than outlining how a solution should be computed, yet are powerful enough to be used across a wide variety of applications and application domains.
This paper contributes a declarative constraint programming approach to data mining. More specifically, we show that it is possible to employ off-the-shelf constraint programming techniques for modeling and solving a wide variety of constraint-based itemset mining tasks, such as frequent, closed, discriminative, and cost-based itemset mining. In particular, we develop a basic constraint programming model for specifying frequent itemsets and show that this model can easily be extended to realize the other settings. This contrasts with typical procedural data mining systems where the underlying procedures need to be modified in order to accommodate new types of constraint, or novel combinations thereof. Even though the performance of state-of-the-art data mining systems outperforms that of the constraint programming approach on some standard tasks, we also show that there exist problems where the constraint programming approach leads to significant performance improvements over state-of-the-art methods in data mining and as well as to new insights into the underlying data mining problems. Many such insights can be obtained by relating the underlying search algorithms of data mining and constraint programming systems to one another. We discuss a number of interesting new research questions and challenges raised by the declarative constraint programming approach to data mining.

68T05 Learning and adaptive systems in artificial intelligence
68T20 Problem solving in the context of artificial intelligence (heuristics, search strategies, etc.)
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