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Journées arithmétiques de Besançon (France), 24-28 juin 1985. (French) Zbl 0605.00004
Astérisque, 147-148. Publié avec le concours de Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique. Paris: Société Mathématique de France 346 p.; FF 230.00; $35.00 (1987).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually under the abbreviation ”Journées arithmétiques, Besançon/France 1985, Astérisque 147/148”.
Indexed articles:
Beukers, F., Irrationality proofs using modular forms [Zbl 0613.10031]
Hellegouarch, Y.; Paysant-Le Roux, R., Arithmetic invariants of fields with a product formula; applications [Zbl 0613.12012]
Federer, Leslie Jane, The non-vanishing of Gross’ p-adic regulator Galois cohomologically [Zbl 0614.12003]
Nesterenko, Yu. V., Measures of algebraic independence of numbers and functions [Zbl 0615.10043]
Fouvry, Etienne, Quelques progrès récents en théorie analytique des nombres. (Some recent progress in analytic number theory) [Zbl 0615.10059]
Nathanson, Melvyn B., Thin bases in additive number theory [Zbl 0615.10065]
Sinnott, W., On a theorem of L. Washington [Zbl 0616.12004]
Gekeler, Ernst-Ulrich, Cohomologie des sous-groupes S-arithmétiques de GL(2) sur un corps de fonctions. (Cohomology of S-arithmetic subgroups of GL(2) over a function field) [Zbl 0616.12008]
Balog, A., On the distribution of integers having no large prime factor [Zbl 0617.10031]
Satgé, Ph., Some results on the integers which are a sum of two cubes of rational numbers [Zbl 0617.14015]
Allouche, Jean-Paul, Arithmétique et automates finis. (Arithmetic and finite automata) [Zbl 0619.10005]
Laurent, Michel, Équations exponentielles polynômes et suites récurrentes linéaires. (Exponential polynomial equations and linear recurrence sequences) [Zbl 0621.10014]
Cassou-Noguès, Ph.; Taylor, M. J., Elliptic functions and the generation of rings of integers [Zbl 0621.12012]
Iyanaga, S., Construction de corps de nombres algébriques avec les groupes des classes d’idéaux de types donnés. (Construction of algebraic number fields with ideal class groups of given type) [Zbl 0622.12009]
Berndt, Rolf, Jacobi forms and some elements of the representation theory of the Jacobi group [Zbl 0623.10015]
Pintz, J., An effective disproof of the Mertens conjecture [Zbl 0623.10031]
Arenas, Angela, On positive integers representable as a sum of three squares [Zbl 0623.10034]
Jaulent, Jean-François, On the conjectures of Leopoldt and of Gross [Zbl 0623.12003]
Hildebrand, Adolf, Recent progress in probabilistic number theory [Zbl 0624.10045]
Ruzsa, Imre Z., Probabilistic constructions in additive number theory [Zbl 0625.10046]
Kanevsky, Dimitri, Application of the conjecture on the Manin obstruction to various diophantine problems [Zbl 0625.14010]
Niederreiter, Harald; Tichy, Robert F., Metric theorems on uniform distribution and approximation theory [Zbl 0627.10034]
Carayol, Henri, Modular forms and \(l\)-adic representations [Zbl 0629.14017]
Soulé, Christophe, Éléments cyclotomiques en K-théorie. (Cyclotomic elements in K- theory) [Zbl 0632.12014]
Perrin-Riou, Bernadette, Fonction L p-adiques et points de Heegner. (p-adic L-functions and Heegner points) [Zbl 0636.14005]
Sansuc, Jean-Jacques, Principe de Hasse, surfaces cubiques et inersections de deux quadriques. (Hasse principle, cubic surfaces and intersections of two quadrics) [Zbl 0661.14021]

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