On a nonlinear differential game of evasion with constraints. (English) Zbl 0616.90109

An evasion strategy in Pontryagin’s sense for a nonlinear differential game with constraints is constructed. The motion of the controlled objects is described by the system \(\dot x=A(x,y)+B(x,y,u,v)\) and \(\dot y=\beta y+g(x,y,u,w,v)+f(u,v)\), where \(x\in R^ n\), \(y\in R^ m\), \(\beta >0\), \(u\in U\subset R^ p\) is the control parameter of the pursuer, \((w,v)\in W\times V\subset R^ q\times R^ r\) is the control parameter of the evader, U, V, W are compact sets. The constraints are given by the linear inequalities: \((q_ k,y)\geq 0\), \(k=1,2,...,s\), where (.,.) is the scalar product and \(q_ k\in R^ m\) are given constant vectors. It is proven that under some conditions there is a map \(F(u,z)=(w(u,z)\), v(u,z)) with values in \(W\times V\) such that for any measurable function \(u=u(t)\in U\) and any initial value \(z_ 0=(x_ 0,y_ 0)\) the solution (x(t),y(t)) of the system with \(u=u(t)\), \(w=w(u(t),z_ 0)\), \(v=w(u(t),z_ 0)\) starting at \(z_ 0\) has the properties: \((q_ k,y(t))\geq 0\), \(k=1,2,...,s\), (x(t),y(t))\(\not\in M\) for all \(t\in [0,\infty)\), where M is a given linear subspace of the state space \(R^{n+m}\) and codim \(M\geq 2\).


91A24 Positional games (pursuit and evasion, etc.)
91A23 Differential games (aspects of game theory)
91A99 Game theory
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