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Bounded model checking for timed automata. (English) Zbl 1270.68177
Vogler, Walter (ed.) et al., MTCS ’02. Proceedings of the 3rd international workshop on models for time-critical systems (CONCUR 2002 satellite workshop), Brno, Czech Republic, August 24, 2002. Amsterdam: Elsevier. Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 68, No. 5, 116-134 (2003).
Summary: Given a timed automaton \(M\), a linear temporal logic formula \(\varphi\), and a bound \(k\), bounded model checking for timed automata determines if there is a falsifying path of length \(k\) to the hypothesis that \(M\) satisfies the specification \(\varphi\). This problem can be reduced to the satisfiability problem for Boolean constraint formulas over linear arithmetic constraints. We show that bounded model checking for timed automata is complete, and we give lower and upper bounds for the length \(k\) of counterexamples. Moreover, we define bounded model checking for networks of timed automata in a compositional way.
For the entire collection see [Zbl 1270.68035].

68Q60 Specification and verification (program logics, model checking, etc.)
68Q45 Formal languages and automata
03B44 Temporal logic
HyTech; ICS; Kronos; PVS; Tempo; Uppaal
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