Distributions of charged massive scalars and fermions from evaporating higher-dimensional black holes. (English) Zbl 1270.83033

Summary: A detailed numerical analysis is performed to obtain the Hawking spectrum for charged, massive brane scalars and fermions on the approximate background of a brane charged rotating higher-dimensional black hole constructed in [The author, ibid. 2009, No. 10, Paper No. 008 (2009)]. We formulate the problem in terms of a ”spinor-like” first order system of differential wave equations not only for fermions, but for scalars as well and integrate it numerically. Flux spectra are presented for non-zero mass, charge and rotation, confirming and extending previous results based on analytic approximations. In particular we describe an inverted charge splitting at low energies, which is not present in four or five dimensions and increases with the number of extra dimensions. This provides another signature of the evaporation of higher-dimensional black holes in TeV scale gravity scenarios.


83C57 Black holes
83E15 Kaluza-Klein and other higher-dimensional theories
81T30 String and superstring theories; other extended objects (e.g., branes) in quantum field theory
81Q05 Closed and approximate solutions to the Schrödinger, Dirac, Klein-Gordon and other equations of quantum mechanics
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