Geometric tomography with topological guarantees. (English) Zbl 1310.68196

Summary: We consider the problem of reconstructing a compact 3-manifold (with boundary) embedded in \(\mathbb R ^3\) from its cross-sections \(\mathcal S\) with a given set of cutting planes \(\mathcal P\) having arbitrary orientations. In this paper, we analyse a very natural reconstruction strategy: a point \(x\in\mathbb R^3\) belongs to the reconstructed object if (at least one of) its nearest point(s) in \(\mathcal P\) belongs to \(\mathcal S\). We prove that under appropriate sampling conditions, the output of such an algorithm preserves the homotopy type of the original object. Using the homotopy equivalence, we also show that the reconstructed object is homeomorphic (and isotopic) to the original object. This is the first time that 3-dimensional shape reconstruction from cross-sections comes with theoretical guarantees.


68U05 Computer graphics; computational geometry (digital and algorithmic aspects)
57R30 Foliations in differential topology; geometric theory


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