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Rewriting-based repairing strategies for XML repositories. (English) Zbl 1283.68130
Summary: Keeping XML data in a consistent state w.r.t. both structure and content is a burdensome task. To maintain the consistency of ever-larger, complex XML repositories, suitable mechanisms that are able to fix every possible inconsistency are needed. In this article, we present a methodology for semi-automatically repairing faulty XML repositories that can be integrated on top of an existing rewriting-based verification engine. As a formal basis for representing consistency criteria, we use a rule-based description formalism that is realized in the language Maude. Then, starting from a categorization of the kinds of errors that can be found during the verification process, we formulate a stepwise transformation procedure that achieves correctness and completeness of the XML repository w.r.t. its Maude formal specification while strictly observing the structure of the XML documents. With the aim of increasing the level of automation of our repair methodology, we also define two correction strategies and two completion strategies that reduce either the amount of information to be changed or the number of repair actions to be executed in order to deliver an XML repository that is both correct and complete. Finally, we describe a prototype implementation of the repairing tool, which we use for an experimental evaluation of our method with good results.

68P05 Data structures
68Q42 Grammars and rewriting systems
Maude; XCentric; XMark
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