Parallel indirect solution of optimal control problems. (English) Zbl 1290.49054

Summary: This paper presents an algorithm for the indirect solution of optimal control problems that contain mixed state and control variable inequality constraints. Necessary conditions for optimality lead to an inequality constrained two-point BVP with index-1 differential-algebraic equations (BVP-DAEs). These BVP-DAEs are solved using a multiple shooting method where the DAEs are approximated using a single-step linearly implicit Runge–Kutta (Rosenbrock–Wanner) method. An interior-point Newton method is used to solve the residual equations associated with the multiple shooting discretization. The elements of the residual equations, and the Jacobian of the residual equations, are constructed in parallel. The search direction for the interior-point method is computed by solving a sparse Bordered Almost Block Diagonal (BABD) linear system. Here, a parallel-structured orthogonal factorization algorithm is used to solve the BABD system. Examples are presented to illustrate the efficiency of the parallel algorithm. It is shown that an American National Standards Institute C implementation of the parallel algorithm achieves significant speedup with the increase in the number of processors used.


49M15 Newton-type methods
49K15 Optimality conditions for problems involving ordinary differential equations
49K21 Optimality conditions for problems involving relations other than differential equations
90C51 Interior-point methods
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