Linear operators. Part I: General theory. With the assistance of William G. Bade and Robert G. Bartle. Repr. of the orig., publ. 1959 by John Wiley & Sons Ltd., Paperback ed. (English) Zbl 0635.47001

Wiley Classics Library. New York etc.: John Wiley & Sons Ltd. xiv, 858 p. $ 25.95 (1988).
For a review on the original edition see Zbl 0084.104.


47-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles) pertaining to operator theory
47A60 Functional calculus for linear operators
47A10 Spectrum, resolvent
46G10 Vector-valued measures and integration
47A05 General (adjoints, conjugates, products, inverses, domains, ranges, etc.)
47D03 Groups and semigroups of linear operators
28A15 Abstract differentiation theory, differentiation of set functions
47A35 Ergodic theory of linear operators
28B05 Vector-valued set functions, measures and integrals
47B06 Riesz operators; eigenvalue distributions; approximation numbers, \(s\)-numbers, Kolmogorov numbers, entropy numbers, etc. of operators
46A04 Locally convex Fréchet spaces and (DF)-spaces
46A55 Convex sets in topological linear spaces; Choquet theory
46B03 Isomorphic theory (including renorming) of Banach spaces
47H10 Fixed-point theorems


Zbl 0084.104