The multidimensional moment problem and semigroups. (English) Zbl 0636.44007

Moments in mathematics, AMS Short Course, San Antonio/Tex. 1987, Proc. Symp. Appl. Math. 37, 110-124 (1987).
[For the entire collection see Zbl 0621.00005.]
The theory of the one-dimensional moment problem has been given by several researchers in greater detail. The generalization to higher dimension, however, is given by a very few. In this paper some general and little known results about the multidimensional moment problem are presented. Furthermore, a few basic ideas from harmonic analysis on semigroups are discussed. There are several interesting results in this paper, e.g. the K-moment problem.
Reviewer: S.P.Singh


44A60 Moment problems
43A45 Spectral synthesis on groups, semigroups, etc.


Zbl 0621.00005