New directions in optimum structural design. Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Optimum Structural Design held at the University of Arizona, Tucson, October 19-22, 1981. (English) Zbl 0649.73039

Wiley Series in Numerical Methods in Engineering. A Wiley-Interscience Publication. Chichester etc.: John Wiley & Sons. xxi, 727 p. (TUB/Bau: 8Zt 111/2L) (1984).
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Contents: L. A. Schmit, jun.: Structural optimization - Some key ideas and insights (pp 1-46). N. S. Khot and L. Berke: Structural optimization using optimality criteria methods (pp. 47-74). N. S. Khot: Optimal design of a structure of system stability for a specified eigenvalue distribution (pp 75-88). G. N. Vanderplaats: Numerical methods for shape optimization: An assessment of the state of the art (pp. 89-104). E. J. Haug, K. K. Choi, J. W. Hou, and Y. M. Yoo: A variational method for shape optimal design of elastic structures (pp. 105-138). R. E. Ricketts and O. C. Zienkiewicz: Shape optimization of continuum structures (pp. 139-166). G. I. N. Rozvany: Structural layout theory - The present state of knowledge (pp. 167-196). Y. Tada and Y. Seguchi: Shape determination of structures based on the inverse variational principle - The finite element approach (pp. 197-210). J.-L. Armand, K. A. Lurie, and A. V. Cherkaev: Optimal control theory and structural design (pp. 211-230). N. V. Banichuk: Application of perturbation method to optimal design of structures (pp. 231-248). H. Yamakawa: Optimum structural designs for dynamic response (pp. 249-266). J. F. Stelzer: Two applications of optimum structural design in the nuclear field (pp. 267-284). M. Bernitsas, M. Human, P. Papalambros, and D. Wilde: Monotonicity analysis of constrained optimization problems (pp. 285-308). A. Diaz, P. Papalambros, and J. Taylor: Geometric programming for continuous design problems (pp 309-326). K. Svanberg: On local and global minima in structural optimization (pp. 327-342). E. Atrek: A theory of optimum design of skeletal structures (pp. 343-364). U. Kirsch: Approximate behaviour models for optimum structural design (pp. 365-384). K. M. Ragsdell: The utility of nonlinear programming methods for engineering design (pp. 385-412). N. H. Chao, S. J. Fenves, and A. W. Westerberg: Application of a reduced quadratic programming technique to optimal structural design (pp. 413-428). J. S. Arora: An algorithm for optimum structural design without line search (pp. 429-442). K. B. Rojiani and G. L. Bailey: Reliability based optimum design of steel buildings (pp 443-458). L. Duckstein: Multiobjective optimization in structural design: The model choice problem (pp. 459- 482). J. Koski: Multicriterion optimization in structural design (pp. 483-504). E. D. Eason, J. M. Thomas, and P. M. Besuner: Optimization of safety factors and testing plans for structural designs (pp. 505-522). A. J. Morris: Structural optimization systems (pp. 523-540). C. Fleury, R. K. Ramanathan, M. Salama, and L. A. Schmitt, jun.: ACCESS computer program for the synthesis of large structural systems (pp. 541-562). J. Sobieszczanski-Sobieski and J. L. Rogers, jun.: A programming system for research and applications in structural optimization (pp. 563- 586). C. Fleury: Large scale structural optimization by finite elements (pp. 587-616). P. Bartholomew and A. J. Morris: Stars: A software package for structural optimization (pp. 617-632). M. A. Bhatti, V. Ciampi, K. S. Pister, and E. Polak: An interactive software system for optimal design of dynamically loaded structures with nonlinear response (pp. 633-662). W. J. Stroud, W. H. Greene, and M. S. Anderson: Current research on shear buckling and thermal loads with PASCO: Panel analysis and sizing code (pp. 663-682).


74Pxx Optimization problems in solid mechanics
74S30 Other numerical methods in solid mechanics (MSC2010)
74-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to mechanics of deformable solids


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