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Towards a process calculus for REST: current state of the art. (English) Zbl 1328.68018
Summary: SOA is a popular paradigm for building distributed systems that has gained a great recognition over past years. There are two main approaches to implementing SOA: SOAP-based and RESTful Web services. In order to address problems of modeling and verification of Web services, several process calculi have been proposed for SOAP-based Web services but none for the RESTful Web services based systems. This article is a comparative survey on existing process calculi for SOA systems, also the existing attempts to formalize REST systems are discussed. The aim of the article is to see how process calculi for SOAP-based systems deal with different aspects of their modeling domain, and whether their approaches can be used to model RESTful and ROA systems. Finally, basing on the survey, requirements for a new process calculus specific for REST are defined.
68M11 Internet topics
68Q85 Models and methods for concurrent and distributed computing (process algebras, bisimulation, transition nets, etc.)
Jolie; Linda; Orc; SLMC
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