Moebius transformations in several dimensions. (Preobrazovaniya Mebiusa v mnogomernom prostranstve). Transl. from the English. (Russian) Zbl 0663.30001

Sovremennaya Matematika. Vvodnye kursy. Moskva: Mir. 112 p. R. 0.90 (1986).
See the review of the English original (1981; Zbl 0517.30001).


30-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles) pertaining to functions of a complex variable
30C62 Quasiconformal mappings in the complex plane
30F40 Kleinian groups (aspects of compact Riemann surfaces and uniformization)
51M10 Hyperbolic and elliptic geometries (general) and generalizations
53A35 Non-Euclidean differential geometry


Zbl 0517.30001