A learning-based fact selector for Isabelle/HOL. (English) Zbl 1386.68149

Summary: Sledgehammer integrates automatic theorem provers in the proof assistant Isabelle/HOL. A key component, the fact selector, heuristically ranks the thousands of facts (lemmas, definitions, or axioms) available and selects a subset, based on syntactic similarity to the current proof goal. We introduce MaSh, an alternative that learns from successful proofs. New challenges arose from our “zero click” vision: MaSh integrates seamlessly with the users’ workflow, so that they benefit from machine learning without having to install software, set up servers, or guide the learning. MaSh outperforms the old fact selector on large formalizations.


68T15 Theorem proving (deduction, resolution, etc.) (MSC2010)
68T05 Learning and adaptive systems in artificial intelligence
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