Mathematics at the University of Chicago. A brief history. (English) Zbl 0667.01023

A century of mathematics in America, Pt. II, Hist. Math. 2, 127-154 (1989).
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In this article, the author sketches the origin and development of mathematics department, University of Chicago. Since its inception, this department has had an active role in the development of mathematics. To discuss its brief history, the author divides his article into nine sections viz: (i) The first Moore department, (ii) The second Moore department, (iii) The Bliss department, (iv) Appointments by Bliss, (v) The Lane department, (vi) The Stone department, (vii) Why the change, (viii) Requirements for good departments, (ix) The Bliss department reviewed.
The author throws light on how the department of mathematics was originated, who was responsible for this development. The author points out that the fame of this department is due to outstanding mathematicians like E. A. Moore, Oskar Bolza (German mathematician and a student of Weierstrass), Heinrich Maschke (a German mathematician), G. A. Bliss, Oswald Veblen, R. L. Moore, G. D. Birkhoff, T. H. Hildebrandt, Harris Hancock, G. A. Miller, F. Moulton, Kurt Laves, J. W. A. Young, H. E. Slaught, L. E. Dickson, A. A. Albert and others. This is a beautiful article and will be helpful to those who are going to study the origin and development of scientific institutions.
Reviewer: P.K.Majumdar


01A73 History of mathematics at specific universities
01A80 Sociology (and profession) of mathematics


Zbl 0659.00007