Théorie des possibilités. Applications à la représentation des connaissances en informatique. Avec la collab. de Henri Farreny, Roger Martin-Clouaire et Claudette Testemale. (French) Zbl 0674.68059

Méthode + Programmes. Paris etc.: Masson. VII, 248 p. (1985).
Another (French written) text on the possible applications of fuzzy sets to computer science and more especially to artificial intelligence. From a remark by Zadeh, a possibility distribution is equivalent to the membership function of a set, therefore the title of the book. The latter comprises six chapters which can be classified as follows.
The first two chapters are a prerequisite on possibility, fuzzy sets and calculus on fuzzy sets. The third chapter shows how one could utilize fuzzy sets in object ordering. Chapter 4, 5 and 6 are frankly computer science directed. One first refers to approximate reasoning for expert systems, then one deals with fuzzy programming, and finally one considers knowledge engineering.
There is not only one, but there are several possible possibility theories and the authors focus only on their own point of view, without even mentioning other work on the field, which could be of valuable interest in this very controversial topic of quantitative theory of subjectivity.
Reviewer: G.Jumarie


68T99 Artificial intelligence
68P20 Information storage and retrieval of data
68-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles) pertaining to computer science
94D05 Fuzzy sets and logic (in connection with information, communication, or circuits theory)