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Mathematical software – ICMS 2018. 6th international conference, South Bend, IN, USA, July 24–27, 2018. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1391.68004
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10931. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-96417-1/pbk; 978-3-319-96418-8/ebook). xix, 508 p. (2018).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1342.68017].
Indexed articles:
Alpuente, María; Ballis, Demis; Sapiña, Julia, Inferring safe Maude programs with ÁTAME, 1-10 [Zbl 1395.68080]
Austin, Evan; Batson, Scott; Curry, Peter; Williams, Bryan, Finding a middle ground for computer-aided cryptography, 11-18 [Zbl 1398.94096]
Barthelemy, Lucas; Kahrobaei, Delaram; Renault, Guénaël; Šunić, Zoran, Quadratic time algorithm for inversion of binary permutation polynomials, 19-27 [Zbl 1398.11155]
Bates, Dan; Brake, Danielle; Niemerg, Matt, Paramotopy: parameter homotopies in parallel, 28-35 [Zbl 1396.65179]
Berčič, Katja; Vidali, Janoš, DiscreteZOO: towards a fingerprint database of discrete objects, 36-44 [Zbl 1395.68108]
Bessonov, Mariya; Grigoriev, Dima; Shpilrain, Vladimir, A framework for unconditionally secure public-key encryption (with possible decryption errors), 45-54 [Zbl 1398.94099]
Betten, Anton, Classifying cubic surfaces over finite fields using Orbiter, 55-61 [Zbl 1395.14016]
Betten, Anton, How fast can we compute orbits of groups?, 62-70 [Zbl 1395.05192]
Al-Azemi, Abdullah; Betten, Anton; Chowdhury, Sajeeb Roy, A rainbow clique search algorithm for BLT-sets, 71-79 [Zbl 1395.05121]
Brysiewicz, Taylor, Numerical software to compute Newton polytopes, 80-88 [Zbl 1397.65341]
Caravantes, Jorge; Gonzalez-Vega, Laureano, On the interference problem for ellipsoids: experiments and applications, 89-97 [Zbl 1395.68294]
Ceria, Michela; Mora, Teo; Visconti, Andrea, Efficient computation of squarefree separator polynomials, 98-104 [Zbl 1395.68344]
Chen, Tianran, libtropicon: a scalable library for computing intersection points of generic tropical hyper-surfaces, 105-112 [Zbl 1396.14004]
Cheng, Jin-San; Wen, Junyi; Zhang, Wenjian, Plotting planar implicit curves and its applications, 113-122 [Zbl 1395.68298]
Chrapary, Hagen; Dalitz, Wolfgang, Software products, software versions, archiving of software, and swMATH, 123-127 [Zbl 1395.68323]
Christoforou, Emmanouil; Mantzaflaris, Angelos; Mourrain, Bernard; Wintz, Julien, Axl, a geometric modeler for semi-algebraic shapes, 128-136 [Zbl 1396.65028]
Di Crescenzo, Giovanni; Kahrobaei, Delaram; Khodjaeva, Matluba; Shpilrain, Vladimir, Efficient and secure delegation to a single malicious server: exponentiation over non-abelian groups, 137-146 [Zbl 1398.94110]
Dong, Yihe, NLP-based detection of Mathematics Subject Classification, 147-155 [Zbl 1395.68230]
Dong, Yihe, NLP and large-scale information retrieval on mathematical texts, 156-164 [Zbl 1395.68324]
England, Matthew, Machine learning for mathematical software, 165-174 [Zbl 1395.68231]
Farmer, William M., A new style of mathematical proof, 175-181 [Zbl 1395.68257]
Petersen, Ethan; Youngs, Nora; Kruse, Ryan; Miyata, Dane; Garcia, Rebecca; García Puente, Luis David, Neural ideals in SageMath, 182-190 [Zbl 1395.68351]
Hashemi, Amir; Dehghani Darmian, Mahdi; Barkhordar, Marzieh, Universal Gröbner basis for parametric polynomial ideals, 191-199 [Zbl 1395.13027]
Hauenstein, Jonathan D.; Kulkarni, Avinash; Sertöz, Emre C.; Sherman, Samantha N., Certifying reality of projections, 200-208 [Zbl 1396.14053]
Horáček, Jan; Kreuzer, Martin, 3BA: a border bases solver with a SAT extension, 209-217 [Zbl 1395.68345]
Horan, Kelsey; Kahrobaei, Delaram, The hidden subgroup problem and post-quantum group-based cryptography, 218-226 [Zbl 1395.94287]
Hähndel, Paula; Waldecker, Rebecca, Questions on orbital graphs, 227-234 [Zbl 1401.20007]
Imbach, Rémi; Pan, Victor Y.; Yap, Chee, Implementation of a near-optimal complex root clustering algorithm, 235-244 [Zbl 1398.65095]
Jakubuv, Jan; Kaliszyk, Cezary, Towards a unified ordering for superposition-based automated reasoning, 245-254 [Zbl 1395.68248]
Johansson, Fredrik, Numerical integration in arbitrary-precision ball arithmetic, 255-263 [Zbl 1397.65342]
Joswig, Michael; Kastner, Lars, New counts for the number of triangulations of cyclic polytopes, 264-271 [Zbl 1395.05001]
Kang, Qiwen; Yoshida, Ruriko, Estimating tropical principal components using the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm, 272-279 [Zbl 1395.62141]
Kang, Sohee; Pollanen, Marco; Damouras, Sotirios; Cater, Bruce, Mathematics classroom collaborator (MC2): technology for democratizing the classroom, 280-288 [Zbl 1395.97003]
Katz, Daniel S.; Chue Hong, Neil P., Software citation in theory and practice, 289-296 [Zbl 1395.01083]
Kim, Seyeon; Pollanen, Marco; Reynolds, Michael G.; Burr, Wesley S., Identification of errors in mathematical symbolism and notation: implications for software design, 297-304 [Zbl 1395.68325]
Lewis, Robert H., Image analysis: identification of objects via polynomial systems, 305-309 [Zbl 1395.68269]
Lewis, Robert H., Resultants, implicit parameterizations, and intersections of surfaces, 310-318 [Zbl 1395.68346]
Lewis, Robert; Paláncz, Béla; Awange, Joseph, Fitting a sphere via Gröbner basis, 319-327 [Zbl 1395.68347]
Leykin, Anton, Homotopy continuation in Macaulay2, 328-334 [Zbl 1395.13028]
Lichtblau, Daniel, Solving polynomial systems using numeric Gröbner bases, 335-342 [Zbl 1395.13029]
Lisitsa, Alexej P., The Andrews-Curtis conjecture, term rewriting and first-order proofs, 343-351 [Zbl 1395.68250]
Machado Martins, Manuel; Pfeiffer, Markus, Francy – an interactive discrete mathematics framework for GAP, 352-358 [Zbl 1395.68348]
Monagan, Michael; Tuncer, Baris, Sparse multivariate Hensel lifting: a high-performance design and implementation, 359-368 [Zbl 1395.68349]
Mulligan, Casey B.; Davenport, James H.; England, Matthew, TheoryGuru: a Mathematica package to apply quantifier elimination technology to economics, 369-378 [Zbl 1395.68350]
Noda, Takeo; Kaneko, Masataka, Collaborative use of mathematical content generated by CindyJS on tablets, 379-388 [Zbl 1395.68326]
Rao, Yongsheng; Guan, Hao; Chen, Ruxian; Zuo, Yu; Wang, Ying, A novel dynamic mathematics system based on the Internet, 389-396 [Zbl 1395.97004]
Brake, Danielle A.; Hauenstein, Jonathan D.; Regan, Margaret H., polyTop: software for computing topology of smooth real surfaces, 397-404 [Zbl 1396.14002]
Rodriguez, Jose Israel, Solving the likelihood equations to compute Euler obstruction functions, 405-413 [Zbl 1395.14003]
Rowland, Eric, IntegerSequences: a package for computing with \(k\)-regular sequences, 414-421 [Zbl 1398.11161]
Sanderson, Conrad; Curtin, Ryan, A user-friendly hybrid sparse matrix class in C++, 422-430 [Zbl 1397.65343]
Shirai, Shizuka; Fukui, Tetsuo; Yoshitomi, Kentaro; Kawazoe, Mitsuru; Nakahara, Takahiro; Nakamura, Yasuyuki; Kato, Katsuya; Taniguchi, Tetsuya, Intelligent editor for authoring educational materials in mathematics e-learning systems, 431-437 [Zbl 1396.97030]
Sosnovski, Bianca, Recent developments in Cayley hash functions, 438-447 [Zbl 1398.94165]
Sperber, Wolfram, Mathematical research data, software, models, and the publication-based approach, 448-457 [Zbl 1395.68327]
Breiding, Paul; Timme, Sascha, HomotopyContinuation.jl: a package for homotopy continuation in Julia, 458-465 [Zbl 1396.14003]
Vale-Enriquez, Fernando; Brown, Christopher W., Polynomial constraints and unsat cores in Tarski, 466-474 [Zbl 1395.68353]
Wood, Alexander; Shpilrain, Vladimir; Najarian, Kayvan; Mostashari, Ali; Kahrobaei, Delaram, Private-key fully homomorphic encryption for private classification, 475-481 [Zbl 1395.68115]
Yang, Jing; Yap, Chee K., On \(\mu\)-symmetric polynomials and D-plus, 482-491 [Zbl 1396.13027]
Yoshitomi, Kentaro, Generation of abundant multi-choice or STACK type questions using CAS for random assignments, 492-497 [Zbl 1396.97002]
Zeng, Zhonggang, Intuitive interface for solving linear and nonlinear system of equations, 498-506 [Zbl 1397.65344]

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