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Intelligent computer mathematics. 11th international conference, CICM 2018, Hagenberg, Austria, August 13–17, 2018. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1392.68030
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 11006. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-96811-7/pbk; 978-3-319-96812-4/ebook). xii, 287 p. (2018).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1364.68010].
Indexed articles:
Bancerek, Grzegorz; Naumowicz, Adam; Urban, Josef, System description: XSL-based translator of Mizar to LATEX, 1-6 [Zbl 1417.68202]
Betzendahl, Jonas; Kohlhase, Michael, Translating the IMPS theory library to MMT/OMDoc, 7-22 [Zbl 1417.68175]
Brucker, Achim D.; Ait-Sadoune, Idir; Crisafulli, Paolo; Wolff, Burkhart, Using the Isabelle ontology framework – linking the formal with the informal, 23-38 [Zbl 1417.68178]
Cohl, Howard S.; Greiner-Petter, André; Schubotz, Moritz, Automated symbolic and numerical testing of DLMF formulae using computer algebra systems, 39-52 [Zbl 1417.68272]
Czajka, Łukasz; Ekici, Burak; Kaliszyk, Cezary, Concrete semantics with Coq and CoqHammer, 53-59 [Zbl 1417.68181]
Dana-Picard, Thierry; Kovács, Zoltán, Automated determination of isoptics with dynamic geometry, 60-75 [Zbl 1417.68292]
Carette, Jacques; Farmer, William M.; Sharoda, Yasmine, Biform theories: project description, 76-86 [Zbl 1417.68203]
Gallois-Wong, Diane; Boldo, Sylvie; Hilaire, Thibault, A Coq formalization of digital filters, 87-103 [Zbl 1417.68183]
Greiner-Petter, André; Schubotz, Moritz; Cohl, Howard S.; Gipp, Bela, MathTools: an open API for convenient MathML handling, 104-110 [Zbl 1417.68205]
Humenberger, Andreas; Jaroschek, Maximilian; Kovács, Laura, Aligator.jl – a Julia package for loop invariant generation, 111-117 [Zbl 1417.68293]
Jakubův, Jan; Urban, Josef, Enhancing ENIGMA given clause guidance, 118-124 [Zbl 1417.68184]
Junk, Michael; Hölle, Stefan; Sahli, Sebastian, Formalized mathematical content in lecture notes on modelling and analysis, 125-130 [Zbl 1418.97001]
Kaliszyk, Cezary; Pąk, Karol, Isabelle import infrastructure for the Mizar Mathematical Library, 131-146 [Zbl 1417.68185]
Kohlhase, Andrea; Kohlhase, Michael; Ouypornkochagorn, Taweechai, Discourse phenomena in mathematical documents, 147-163 [Zbl 1417.68271]
Kovács, Zoltán, Finding and proving new geometry theorems in regular polygons with dynamic geometry and automated reasoning tools, 164-177 [Zbl 1417.68188]
Maletzky, Alexander; Immler, Fabian, Gröbner bases of modules and Faugère’s \(F_4\) algorithm in Isabelle/HOL, 178-193 [Zbl 1417.68189]
Minimair, Manfred, MathChat: computational mathematics via a social machine, 194-208 [Zbl 1417.68273]
Müller, Dennis; Kohlhase, Michael; Rabe, Florian, Automatically finding theory morphisms for knowledge management, 209-224 [Zbl 1417.68211]
Nagashima, Yutaka; Parsert, Julian, Goal-oriented conjecturing for Isabelle/HOL, 225-231 [Zbl 1417.68190]
Pollinger, Theresa; Kohlhase, Michael; Köstler, Harald, Knowledge amalgamation for computational science and engineering, 232-247 [Zbl 1417.68215]
Schreiner, Wolfgang, Validating mathematical theorems and algorithms with RISCAL, 248-254 [Zbl 1417.68192]
Wang, Qingxiang; Kaliszyk, Cezary; Urban, Josef, First experiments with neural translation of informal to formal mathematics, 255-270 [Zbl 1417.68195]
Youssef, Abdou; Miller, Bruce R., Deep learning for math knowledge processing, 271-286 [Zbl 1417.68172]

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