Polynomial interpolation and a priori bootstrap for computer-assisted proofs in nonlinear ODEs. (English) Zbl 1398.65092

Summary: In this work, we introduce a method based on piecewise polynomial interpolation to enclose rigorously solutions of nonlinear ODEs. Using a technique which we call a priori bootstrap, we transform the problem of solving the ODE into one of looking for a fixed point of a high order smoothing Picard-like operator. We then develop a rigorous computational method based on a Newton-Kantorovich type argument (the radii polynomial approach) to prove existence of a fixed point of the Picard-like operator. We present all necessary estimates in full generality and for any nonlinearities. With our approach, we study two systems of nonlinear equations: the Lorenz system and the ABC flow. For the Lorenz system, we solve Cauchy problems and prove existence of periodic and connecting orbits at the classical parameters, and for ABC flows, we prove existence of ballistic spiral orbits.


65G20 Algorithms with automatic result verification
65P99 Numerical problems in dynamical systems
65D30 Numerical integration
37M99 Approximation methods and numerical treatment of dynamical systems
37C27 Periodic orbits of vector fields and flows
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